Odd Scratchy/Squeaky Noise From Left Dash


Hi, I have multiple bragi dashes. I just updated them today, and now the left dash on every single set is acting oddly. They all make a weird scratchy/squeaky noise. Is it possible that the update messed up on all of them? If that’s the case, could someone point me to the previous firmware version? Thanks!


Sorry mate. It seems to be a common problem. I have two dashes which were both bricked after the last update. I’ve been looking for previous rapid update files to no avail and haven’t received any reply from Bragi.


Same here. Mine are with Bragi for a replacement. Already a few weeks :frowning:


We can help you performing the Recovery Update, in order to solve the issue.

Please reach us at support@bragi.com, or via the live-chat section at www.bragi.com for prompt feedback :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


I did a recovery update. The Bragi rep I was dealing with had me send them in for replacement but they’ve been “in” since Sept. 20th! :frowning:


What’s your email?

I can follow up immediately :slight_smile:



I messaged it. Hope you’ve received it.


Please check your DM :slight_smile:
We have a solution.



Thanks Kris. I finally got my replacement. That said, the left bud has a constant static sound. I’m on 3.2. This happens with Mimi on and off. I’ve reset them twice, and re-installed the OS via the Mac app and also rapid update. Any suggestions? Ugh.


Further to my last post, Bragi is now asking me to send back the replacements that have static and get those replaced! This is an insanely harrowing process.