Nothing Works Anymore

First let me say that I gave up on this Dash Pro over a year ago but for whatever reason I am back at it. So I plugged the charger with the earbuds in to a power source for a day. I saw a blue light flash on both earbuds in the case so I felt things were going well. The next day I tried to connect the ear buds to my phone but the phone (iPhone 11) does not see either earbud. They were both in my ears at the time. I pressed the right ear bud for 5 seconds, following the instructions on the screen but nothing changed. Additionally, I can see no lights on the ear buds while they are in my ears (using a mirror of course). I put both ear buds back in the case and pressed the reset button on the side of the charger but the results continue as stated above. When connected to my computer via usb the right ear bud was found but computer wanted to correct hard drive errors. I let it do so and found the drive with a few folders. I can not find a link for software or updates on your site so I have nowhere to go from here.

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"Do you have access to a Windows PC? The below can only be performed on a Windows PC. And it is important as I can see your Left Dash is in the wrong file system.

Firstly, I recommend deleting .bra files from the Downloads folder on your PC. I will send you links to new ones.

We will go through the formatting process of Left Dash, please make sure you follow exactly as I say.

Formatting has never been part of the general recovery procedure but since I want to save you time waiting for a replacement I want to give it a try. I just tried it myself and it’s working with a Windows PC only. Place both Dashes in The Charger, connect to your computer and perform a reset to mount them. Once you mounted your left Dash on your Windows PC by quickly pressing the reset button (the one with 4MB or a little less) select it with a right click. Then choose the format. Select File System FAT, Allocation unit size: default allocation size, volume: label THE DASH and hit format afterwards. Once formatting is done, copy and paste the update file fwthedash_bl.bra to the Left Dash and the fwthedash_br.bra to The Right Dash to reapply the update on it. Make sure the file has no number towards the end of the files name since this will prevent The Dash from updating.

Right Dash update file

Left Dash update file

After both files are transferred, please go through the below.

  1. After you copied both files to the respective side of The Dash (It might a bit longer for The Left Dash to transfer the file), disconnect the USB cable (don’t reconnect).
  2. The Dash will begin to blink rapidly which indicates the update has begun, it can take a few seconds before this starts. Once your Dash is breathing as normal the update is completed. This process takes between 3 to 5 minutes. It is possible that the LED of the Dash might breathe red, indicating that the battery was empty and is now charging.
  3. Your The Dash is now recovered. Let it charge and have fun with it.

In case the Dash is not connecting to your PC, please try this procedure using a different Micro USB cable.
Furthermore, if you are facing any difficulties performing this procedure please let us know at which exact step of the recovery update you do.

Let us know if there are any questions.

Karl & your Team Bragi"


I am having troubles with my Bragi custom by Starkey. Is there still a chat option to speak to you guys to resolve?

Bragi don’t exist in the hardware Field anymore and haven’t for about a year. They’ve sold to another company but they still aren’t operational fully. Although they will be dealing with the enormous backlog of warrenty claims so go to and see their support section :slight_smile:

nothing’s working since the update last 2018.

has how to configure for Portuguese? I’m sorry for not consigning to find or just English?