No voice, feedback and bluetooth pairing



I’ve got my Dash since ~march/april 2016. Back then I have used it for a few weeks and then it dissapeared in my drawer. A few days ago I wanted to use it again, so I charged it up for an entire night. When I took the ears out, put then in my ears not any feedback appeared. Pushing the right dash for a few seconds should activate the bluetooth pairing, but my phone couldn’t find anything at all.

At that moment I was amazed and did know what to do. I checked if there were any updates, and yes there were. So I followed all the steps and updated it. After updating it still not gave me any feedback, nor able to activate the bluetooth and find the Dash with my phone.

From that moment I contacted Bragi, they helped me threw some different ideas/steps. And eventually I also did the Recovery Update.

… Still nothing. What in the world can I do?
The dashes glow when plugging in/out of charging. They glow blue, which means they are fully charged. When I put them in my ear, nothing happens. No voice, no feedback, not able to find with my phone. I’m lost. Been spending hours finding solutions.

Thanks guys.



I would suggest you contact Support using their form:


Hi Danny,

Thanks for reaching out to the Support Team, and for backing us back in 16’!

Do you have a Case ID from Customer Support, so I can follow up personally on this case?



Hey Danny, i am experiencing the exact same issue, i bought mine around the same time and also didnt use it for some time. I also tried every single option (recovery update, general update, resetting, …) but the dash wont wake up as soon as i take them out of the charger. WTF? My case nr is 367636