No sound in left ear


i have had the jabra elite sport since October 17 and up until recently had no issues at all. i now find i have the issue with no sound from left bud. I have tried all of the fixes listed in this thread but nothing seems to work. I did go into the settings on the iPhone and went to SETTINGS-GENERAL-ACCESSIBILITY as earlier post. i can get a very faint sound when sliding the balance bar to far LHS but that is all. Please help


Hey I have bought it today it is working alternatively .At one time right one is working or at one time left one is working.plzz help me.


I got the same issue after my previous update failure and left them uncharged for a couple of weeks since 2017, I only used them for about 2 weeks before the failure. Now I updated to the newest BOS3, the right one is working but can’t do calibration. and the left one is still not working, it responded to the charger and update, and breathing light is working but not in rhythm with the left one in the case. And no breathing light after pull it out. I have no idea what to do next.


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(SOLVED) Each airpod has it’s own bluetooth connection so when both of them are on look at bluetooth avaliable devices 2 i9S-TWS should pop up.