No sound in left ear

i have had the jabra elite sport since October 17 and up until recently had no issues at all. i now find i have the issue with no sound from left bud. I have tried all of the fixes listed in this thread but nothing seems to work. I did go into the settings on the iPhone and went to SETTINGS-GENERAL-ACCESSIBILITY as earlier post. i can get a very faint sound when sliding the balance bar to far LHS but that is all. Please help

Hey I have bought it today it is working alternatively .At one time right one is working or at one time left one is working.plzz help me.

I got the same issue after my previous update failure and left them uncharged for a couple of weeks since 2017, I only used them for about 2 weeks before the failure. Now I updated to the newest BOS3, the right one is working but can’t do calibration. and the left one is still not working, it responded to the charger and update, and breathing light is working but not in rhythm with the left one in the case. And no breathing light after pull it out. I have no idea what to do next.

Hi Jacky,

This thread is with regards to The Headphone! In order to help you troubleshooting, I would kindly recommend our live-chat section at :slight_smile:

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(SOLVED) Each airpod has it’s own bluetooth connection so when both of them are on look at bluetooth avaliable devices 2 i9S-TWS should pop up.

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I had the same issue the sound was gone while riding in the trainer bike indoors.
After trying to reset the earbuds, charge them completely, power them off, connect them to the PC, etc.

I tried to update the software and failed. Then I tried to follow the manual procedure to update the left earbud and failed stating there was no memory available. I opened the left earbud as a hard-drive in the PC to notice all files have 0K compared to the 1.8M of the new file or the right earbud. When checking the free space of the earbud it shows 0bytes free or 100% memory used. which is strange as all files show 0K - I tried to look for hidden files but I couldn’t. The tool showed that the errors could not be recovered because there is no free space in the memory to do it.

After that I right click in the folder went to properties -> tools and ran the tool to check the the drive for errors and the response was that there were system errors that could not be resolved.
I tried the same on the right earbud and the result was a passed test.

I have sent all this information to the customer service via email so I am waiting for their response. In my mind either the memory got corrupted and needs a full format and reload of the files (which, while I am really tempted to do, I don’t know if it can be done by the user, so I am waiting for their response) or for some reason the hard-drive in the earbud (or hardware - memory) got damaged and it needs a replacement.

Now is time to wait. I got the extended warrranty from best buy… We will see what happens with the bragi support.

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Unfortunately my left earbud has now stopped working. This is my second pair in 2 years. They had to replace my first pair when it would not charge. I am less than impressed to say the least. Having a year life expectancy? For the price and “features” they do not live up to expectations or for a German engineered product.

Hi there,

Can you please explain to me how did you did the 7th instruction ( Press the “power on” button and keep it pressed on the right HP until it starts flashing rapidly (pairing mode))?

should i do it while it’s connected to the PC and inside the case? cause i tried and nothing happens.

the right one works great, the left one doesn’t have any sound although the gestures do work.

thank you

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for reaching out here on Team Bragi Forum. Do you have The Headphone or The Dash series?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Idan,

You should perform the step while The Headphone is in The Charger. If nothing happens, I would kindly ask for your email in order to follow up with our Support Team, performing the necessary Troubleshooting Steps :slight_smile:


I have emailed Bragi support a few days ago. Still waiting for any sort of acknowledgement or reply.

Can I please have your Case ID to follow up on this case? :slight_smile:


Just recently bought “The Headphone” and noticed the left earbud does not work at all. I tried all the steps above and even got in contact with the bragi support team. However, I haven´t gotten any response. Any help would be appreciated at this point.

Hi Daniella!

Can you please provide your Case ID?


I just purchased my Linklike Classic 8 and the left ear will not work either. I have done everything and checked out Youtube as well. I am thinking I may need to send back seeing all the comments about the same problem and purchase another brand. Let me know if you get yours working. I will keep trying, but feel I will have to send them back. I don’t want to always have an issue with a brand new purchase.


This is a support page for The Dash series and not Linklike! :slight_smile:

We’re more than happy to assist you, however it has to be with regards to Bragi Products.

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hola, disculpa tengo el mismo problema y no contesta el soporte

Good day my left earbud does not work and other times its working what is the problem

Solution that works

First you must forget the device in your Bluetooth list. Now switch off your Bluetooth on your phone just to ensure there is no interference.

Then put them (Both) back into the case

Then reset them both but not only once do it twice. To reset hold for 10/15 sec till they both blink.

then take them out wait for them to connect

if this doesn’t work reset them a few more time consecutively before taking them out of the box.

This should do a complete clear and remove any interference

I did this and mine are fine now