No sound in left ear


Ive had these for about a year and can’t get the left earbud to work consistently. Its really spotty and unreliable. The fixes suggested did not work for me and it really is just a random “will they work or wont they work” every time.

Super disappointed


Same here!!! UGGGHHH I even bought another pair thinking… Ahh yes, the new ones will just be better. Then went for the update right out of the box. AND BAM!!! Instant Brick / Paper Weight. No nothing. Worst update ever… I used to be a BIG fan of these awesome things. Not so much now… :\


Thanks, However? I do believe that this is the Rapid Update process already?


@Justin_Kirkendall & @magloro2018 Did you solve the issue yet?

Please reach us via the live-chat section on, so our Support Team can troubleshoot together with you :slight_smile:

Be sure that we’ll help you solving this.


Thank you Kristian. I had spent two days troubleshooting via chat with Leda as well as another individual I cannot recall his name. And although they we both very helpful. In the end, there was no resolution to this effort of programming / reprogramming / renaming of devices / reformatting etc.

We have exhausted ALL options. It seems that there is no other.


I bought these headphone today and I have the same problem.

Although both left and right headphones were fully charged, the left one is no connecting to the right one.

I do hear power on when switch it on and after sometime (2-3 min) power off notifications.

Please help or I’m returning them back.



I’ve answered you at the other thread as well!

We’re asking for some details in order to help you :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Did you get the chance to reset The Headphone? Be sure that we can make your device work :slight_smile:




I have simlar probelms that my left earphone is not connect to my right earphone suddenly.

I am sure they are both fully charged. During chargingm the left earphone is flash with a high frequency, whil hte right one is lasfhing slower. Any way to pair them again?



Have you been in contact with our Support Team yet? I’m sure we can help you solving this issue together, troubleshooting the device :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I bought a new tws i7 too. The right earbud functions well but the left does not. It does not light when i long press but it lights when plugged in the charger. Is this item still ok or its defected?


My problem is now that the left earbuds completely died, the two docked will breathe red, even though when I connect to my phone via bluetooth the right earbud is at 99% battery. When I dock both earbuds, they start breathing and sync up, but the left earbud doesn’t blink blue twice to indicate it’s charging. It’s like in limbo.

I’ve already tried updating and it’s at the current firmware, tried the pinhole thing, nothing works. And Bragi support just sent me the generic email yesterday and never heard back from them.

What’s most infuriating is I had this problem back in February with the standard Dash earbuds and Bragi support told me to buy the Dash Pro, after I’d returned the base model. Here I am, seven months later with the new & improved, having the exact same problem. This is ignorance on the company’s part. Look at the forums. Most threads have 1-2k views and replies and this one - titled “No sound in left ear” - has a whopping 31.4k views. It’s embarassing; you know what the problem is, why do you choose to release “new & improved” models when you can’t address the existing issues with the earbuds?


Hi Kristian

I have follow the support team instructrion buy yet cann not recover the left ear.

Can your instruction state how many second i should for each step?



I just purchased a pair of Bragi The Headphones. Straight out of the box the left ear had no audio. I have tried everything I could find in this forum and other threads and cannot get the left ear to play audio. I have a Samsung Note 9 but have tried on other devices and also PC and nothing. nadda… zip. I’m assuming they are defective and should be returned unless there is something else I can try. Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi Victor!

Thanks for reaching out and describing the issue. Did they come back to you with a solution? I can follow up, if you provide the Case ID to me!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Team Bragi


In order for me to see your troubleshooting steps, I would kindly ask for the Case ID as well!



We’re sorry to hear if THP is Dead On Arrival - Be sure that we’ll help you solving this.

Did you try to Charge, Re-charge and Charge it again?

Please provide your email so we can come back to you with troubleshoot solutions, or reach us at the live-chat section trough for prompt Customer Support!



I have the exact same problem. The Bragi support rep was very nice, but my issue has not been resolved.We tried every possible work around. I even reformatted both ear buds and reinstalled everything and still the left side doesn’t do anything. I know the software is installed and have the left side blink rapidly as if were being installed, but nothing. I bought this set and right out of the box they never worked so I immediately purchased a second set because I was leaving town and needed a pair. The second set works fine. In fact, on the original set I bought I can use the right one with my left earbud from the second set I bought.

Conclusion: Bragi said I was pretty much out of luck because I didn’t have a receipt so there is no way to tell if they were still under warranty. I still have the box they came in, but no receipt. Who keeps receipts for anything? I don’t. From the impression I got is that I should just throw them away. I was hoping they would say send us back the damaged pair and we will replace them. So much for wishful thinking.


I had an easy fix that worked for me. Just put the left ear bud in the case close it for 10 seconds then open it and take it out. Should work. If you have the app will see the “L” icon at the top of the screen light up


This worked great for me today thank you!