No sound in left ear


I have tried everything suggested in the forum and nothing worked! But what really upsets me is that I contacted the Support Team of Bragi, with my problem and the serial number of my Headphones and they simply answered me that without the invoice they couldn’t help me (I had lost the invoice on my way from the US to Spain). So great support guys: despite being clear that it is a frequent malfunction, and I provide everything (store, date and time of purchase, serial number), only important thing was the invoice.
By the way, to all of you with the problem in the left headphone, I have found the solution: buy the Bose Soundsport Free; I will recommend them over the Bragi, specially for the terrible support to customers
Good luck in the future


I’m having exactly the same problem with my Dash Pros: i.e. left bud goes quiet. Customer support sent me the driver update instructions and this seemed to work.
Unfortunately, the problem has returned. I have contacted customer support via the app but had no response yet.
I love the headphones (when they are working). Unfortunately, this recurring problem leaves me feeling that I have totally wasted my money.


Please provide your Case ID, so I can follow up on this personally :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


Please provide your Case ID, so I can follow up on this personally :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


hello Bragi Support! I just received by order from Amazon. I was so excited to try it but unfortunately, on my very first use, i hear no sound in my left ear. I immediately go to google to find a solution for my problem. i found some instructions which i followed but to no avail. the left earpiece still does not work. What should i do? I am living outside of US. I hope you can provide a permanent solution or offer a replacement if I received a defective item. Thanks!


Hi! We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues.

We have a live-chat section at, and I’m sure that we can help you solving the issue :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


My son Just got this Bragiearphones for his birthday, and was very happy for it. But Just after a week the left earphone become silent and there are no sound from ut.

He has tried everything mentioned from Bragi on this website/ chat to fix it.

I sent an email to your supportadress a week ago, but I havent got any feedback. I think we either want a new pair or we want money back. Can you please answar?

Mvh Håvard


Hej Håvard,

Vi er kede af at høre din søn har haft nogle problemer hed hans unit.

Kan du give mig det nummer som du har fået fra vores Support Team, så jeg kan følge op? :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


Is there a solution for the left ear piece failing to pair? I’ve tried all of these fixes and none work.


Have you been in contact with out Support Team yet? If so, please provide your Ticket Number so I can see what they’ve recommended :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

/ Kris - Team Bragi


Had same problem with my headphones after 3 months of use and got frustrated because I love these headphone so much and too used to them. Then after searching, came upon this site. Tried the suggestion with plugging into the pc to sync. Worked like a charm. Wish this was included in the instructions though. Thank you so much


@Kristian Same story here, bought the Dash in March 2017, do not have the invoice :frowning: left will not play any sound - I’ve spent lots of time with the support team over different scenarios over 24 emails ID326667.
Expecting your product to last more than a year. I was satisfied until it suddenly stopped playing sound from the left Dash, thank you


Hi Caroline,

Karl will get back to you today, It’s easier if you’re continuing the troubleshooting, so we have all conversations at the same place :slight_smile:

Let me know if there is anything else.

Kristian - Team Bragi


@Kristian ok hope to be able to use my Dash soon, thanks


Just bought it. No sound in left ear. In fact piece seems dead.


Have you updated the units?


Please make sure that you have your unit updated to the latest firmware!

We’ve just released BOS 3.2 today - give it a try and see how it works. You can find more information about the new features such as Music Personalized implemented together with MiMi Technologies:

Or else, please let us know at - We have a competent Support Team ready to assist you. Furthermore, you can reach us trough our live-chat at :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kristian - Team Bragi


Update: The Rapid Software update solution is not working anymore. Do this instead:


One of my headphones will not charge, no matter what I try. Very, very frustrated, and got a response from support, but no progress.



Can you please send a picture of The Golden Pins within The Charger?

Then I can have a look at it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Team Bragi