No sound in left ear


Just received my pair. Same issue. Tried all the suggested workarounds but no luck so far. I’ve just emailed support and I’m waiting for a reply


I would also reinstall the update to see if that corrects the issue. It worked for me.


I had the same issue with left ear. This has happened a number of times and before, I always just charged it and it started working again. Not this time.

I tried the suggestions above … none of these worked. Bragi sent me the following instructions… AND this only partially worked. See my final resolution at the bottom:

---------- FROM BRAGI ---------
We already received similar feedback by some of our customers with a similar problem description. The following procedure has proven to be able to resolve the issue you are experiencing at the moment. Please follow the below steps carefully to recover the left side of The Headphone.

  1. Make sure that The Headphone is fully charged (Both sides will light up constantly when being placed in The CarryCase which is being connected to a power source.
  2. Pair your The Headphone with your smartphone and play music, even if it’s only working on the right side
  3. Pause the music and put the right and left The Headphone back in The Carry Case
  4. Connect The Carry Case to the PC while it is still on
  5. The Headphone will automatically turn off (correct behavior) once connected to your PC (right Headphone will flash a few times)
  6. Afterwards, both sides of The Headphone will start flashing in sync to indicate that both are charging
  7. Press the “power on” button and keep it pressed on the right HP until it starts flashing rapidly (pairing mode)
  8. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and select your The Headphone again
  9. Disconnect your Carry Case with the right and left The Headphone from the PC
  10. Insert both (already on) into your ears
  11. Press the power on button quickly to start music playback
    ----------- END FROM BRAGI -----------

This did NOT work completely. But after doing this (twice) I noticed a very, very faint sound when I played the music. I am on an iPhone, so I went to SETTINGS->GENERAL->ACCESSIBILITY and started moving the sound balance around. I moved it all the way to the left and of course the right sound went to nothing. The left side barely worked. Then I moved the pointer around, a little to the right, then left, etc, and finally I started/stopped the song. Suddenly BAM! the left earbud just started working.

I emailed them back and suggested they create an app or something to automate the reset process. This seemed very sketchy to me. But it worked. I am happy again!

I hope this helps. Good luck.


This is going to sound crazy but I have the headphones and had the same problem and little I got mad and tossed them onto my dresser and they fell onto my wood floor and then it worked, I’ve had this problem twice and I just gave it a small drop onto the floor from about 2 feet and it started charging and playing sound again haha


Thanks for sharing the suggestions @jamesmarkhenley. Much appreciated.

Please let us know if it still doesn’t work for any of you, so our Costumer Service can help you solve this.

Have a great day!
Your Team Bragi


It helhelp!Thanks!:+1:It work


I have the same issue with the left ear. It is on bec as use I can turn on windshield. P lease help.


Just bought an hour ago. Right earbud paired but no sound at all in left ear. Very frustrated. This had great reviews and I chose it over Jaybirds. However tempted to return. Please help. Is there a button I need to push to sync both together?


@Jamie_Sandifer, Thanks for trying out The Headphones!

Could you confirm that you have fully charged both sides of The Headphone prior to your first usage? When The Headphone is delivered to you The Left Headphone is completely empty and needs to be charged. When you connect your Carry Case with The Headphone inside to a power source they will both start blinking after some time showing that they are charging. Once they are fully charged they will light up constantly and you should be able to use them.


I got my HP yesterday and charged them overnight (the left one was never flashing but steady on from the beginning though).
I connected them to my phone and the right one works, but there is no sound in the left one, tried the above steps two times now, still no help.

Do you have any idea Bragi?

This is a new device, shouldn’t this work routinely?!

I am not amused…
Kind regards

decided to return the item as you guys are not responding within a whole working day and i’ve already spend way too much time with this. schade.


We’re sorry to hear about the issue. Please just let us know at if there is anything else in the future!



I have encountered the same issue. I’ve tried all of the previously posted remedies with no success. Has there been any official response or course of action recommended by Bragi? What recourse can be taken, as this appears to be a defect commonly suffered by Bragi Headphone owners? Thanks for your assistance.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve have experienced some issues, and they can be solved during classical troubleshooting with our Customer Support. If you’ve been in contact with them, I would kindly ask you to provide me the Case ID so I can follow up personally :slight_smile:


Hello Kristian,

Thanks for the reply. Ive been given a case number: 282735

So I tried it for a 4th time….no luck. I’ve noted some observations. During the charging in the cradle the left side very briefly flickers every 4 seconds. When following the remedy suggested, at stage (6) the left earphone simply maintains a continuous light (no blinking).

Does that offer any insights?

Lastly, this Bragi diagnosis attempts have now been going on for a couple weeks, during which time the warranty expired. While I have ample correspondence noting the error/defect occurred before that time, I want to ensure that the “clock has not run out” and that I reserve my warranty rights.

Well, let me know where to go from here. Issue a return order number (I have all original packaging materials)? Note that I have provided the photos requested as well.

Hope to get them up and running again!



Hello Jake,

Thanks for your message! I’ve just checked the case, and you have your rights to get a replacement.

We’ve contacted you and are currently waiting for you coming back in order to initiate the further process :slight_smile:


I tried all of the above solution however, none of these worked. I had a much closer look and removed the mesh filters and noticed a bunch of ear wax in the dash. The ear wax had seeped through the mesh and was clearly occluding the headphone. I carefully cleaned the earwax and the left headphone was fixed.


This brings me to another potential issue…wet ear wax. Wet ear wax is found is 97 -100% of people of African or European descent. This is much lower in people from Asia (5-20%). I always need to clean my dash. I feel like I have to clean after every use. I’m sure this is the case for a lot of others. Seems like the wet earwas can seep through the mesh.

Bragi…what is the solution here?


How did you remove the mesh filters? I am having a problem with my “The Headphone” where the right side is much quieter than the left - I am suspecting it is due to earwax inside the grille. I’ve read about using nail polish remover but I am wary of that idea as “The Headphone” is not waterproof. I’ll be contacting Bragi support as well.


I’m having the exact same problem…

I’ve tried those steps a number of times and during stage 6 the left earphone simply maintains a continuous light (no blinking).

Also, during the meatime my warranty (1 year) have already expired, and I have literally only used it once, for testing… So So bummed! I realy hope Bragi stands as a loyal company and send me some help (or, hopefully, a new pair).

My case is number: 289233


Thanks for your feedback @GraemeSmith! We recommend to clean The Dash regularly after using it, in order to prevent the earwax to get stuck in the mesh. Personally this works quite well for me! I am also very keen to maintain the cleanliness of the ear.

I can arrange a set of Speaker Grills for you if you provide me with your email address. Just send me a message to the inbox here!

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kristian - Team Bragi


Is there a way to take off the Speaker Grills on The Headphone? I have already tried emailing support and still have had no response, which is frustrating. There is most likely earwax under my Speaker Grill on my right bud and there is barely any sound coming out of it.

Please respond as I already tried more than a week ago.