No sound in left ear


I just bought The Headphone. I was able to set it up easily enough, however I have no sound whatsoever in my left ear. Do I have to do something to connect the two earbuds? I can’t find a power button on the left earbud and the Quick Start Guide is pretty useless.

I’d appreciate any help.




Once the right one is powered on the left should function. Did you charge them up before use?


I’m running into the same issue. I’ve found powering your phone has helped but the issue is back.


me too. no sound my left dash.
my left dash moved.but no sound.


Me four. Any corrections to this issue - kind of useless to have sound coming from only one earpiece if I bought two of them!


Bueller …

I’m also having this issue. Any advice, maybe a suggestion from Bragi?


I just revived my pair of The Headphone. I charged them up and I still have nothing coming from the left earbud


This is tricky… You have to have the right in to have the left working .: lol
Try it… or atleast hold right close to right year then left will work…

Crap use… am gonna return it


Sometimes the left Headphone can become confused if there is a Dash or other Headphone nearby, or the battery could simply be dead. If there is no Dash nearby and you only have one Headphone and the battery is fully charged then you should contact support.


No sound my left dash. No light too. no function. its a new. Please help me


This sounds like an issue for support! I’ve worked with them quite a bit and they are great!


Or, if there is no light, then is the left Dash properly nested in the charger? Are all the pins ok and bounce up and down when (gently) pressed?


My left headphone does not work.
I tried running the battery down and resetting the headphone.
Neither worked what do I do next?
When I send a message on the website I get a message that it has been sent.
I don’t get a reply


I had this problem as well. I tried connecting the right headphone with my apple watch and noticed that it wasn’t playing any sound out of the left earbud after I put it in. I did the following to get it to work:

  • Placed both earbuds back into the case.
  • Charge them and ensure that they blink in sync (let them charge for like 15 minutes just to be sure its not a battery issue)
  • Remove the BRAGI bluetooth connection from your bluetooth device (Apple Watch in my case)
  • Reset the earbuds bluetooth connections by pressing “+” & “-” for 5 seconds
  • Reconnect to the earbuds again to your bluetooth device.

And voila. That’s all I did and the left one started working.

Hope that helps!


Bragi support is very responsive, in my experience. When you say you send a message on the website, what is the exact address? Perhaps that page is malfunctioning?


Same here, cant get left to work


I docked the headphones onto the charger and held down the power button on the right ear bud till it made a noise. Then I tried them again and the left ear bud is working again.

Not sure if this will work for others, but it worked for me.


Same here.
No sound in left ear.
Any suggestions?



Same problem does anyone know how to solve


Hello guys!

@Vinchetti Thanks for the suggestion, really appreciated.

@David_Hamilton and @Firefighter0818 please send an email to, so we can help you solving this issue as soon as possible.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.