No more comply tips, what to do?


So I’ve had the bragi “the headphones” for just shy of a year now. The silicone tips don’t do that great of a job of sealing the ear and blocking out outside noise. They also don’t stay in that well.
I had to resort to the comply foam tips. These are so terrible that it seems like comply removed them from their website and only chance now is amazon before they stop selling them. I’m on my 5th or so tip in these. I use them almost daily at work, typically with just the right ear bud in. Theres been times where i had to take the left bud off just to use it on the right side because they are all ripped. They tend to last me about 30-45 days.

Anyone out there have a better solution? I’ve own numerous other comply foam tips for my other headphones and they last way longer than these.


Symbio tips wide bore size . You need to go down one size . These are THE BEST .



Thanks for reaching out! Please contact us at so we can help you solving the issue :slight_smile: