No Mimi calibration after 3.2 update


I can’t locate any setting in the dash app on iOS 11.4.1 after updating to 3.2.

Also, I really miss being able to tap on the left and right side Dashed to see the controls for each.

UPDATE: Just performed a soft reset on the Dash and deleted and reinstalled the Dash app. WTF! 50% of the capabilities I had 5 minutes ago are now gone - including Windscreen, access to any controls other than the basics and even though the separate dash icons can be selected, there are no descriptions of their control functions, can’t even set the Dash to speak the time when inserted. It’s like I’m running a very old version of the software. Dash are on Ver 3.4 and app is on Ver 3.2. What gives?


Thanks for reaching out. Be sure that we’ll help you solving this!

Our Technical Team are ready to help you at, or in the live-chat section at It’s easier for us to troubleshoot trough live-chat so we can do it con amore :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

/ Kristian