Next upcoming update, when?


July 17th!!! Can’t wait.

Any clues on what will be part of the update!? :drooling_face:


Yes! Just got the email myself! :+1:


LDAC support… LDAC support… LDAC support. Fingers crossed.


Two days left. Then all the magic will happen!
As it is a micro computer build-in they should be able to bring a few more features to play around with.

I have had mine for two months now and used them every day. A really great experience and my favourites in many aspects. The problems has been minor and acceptable. If you just get around the upgrade procedure it is just great.


Thanks for all the interest and great inputs guys! This is just why we have Team Bragi Forum - keep on providing your feedback, support etc. It’s much appreciated!

BOS 3.2 is live, and we would be happy to see you checking it out! Check out the features and let us know what you think:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


The Update went without any problems. But when connecting to app, I have a green arrow for Bluetooth connection but Bluetooth sensors refuse to connect. Any solution?

Update: Fixed by turning off then on my iPhone!


Great to hear that you’ve fixed it Bob!

Hope you like the personalised music.



After new Update and Mimi Defined hear test
a new dimension of Sound came out of my Dash Pro. So much better than before.
Good job Bragi Team.


Thanks for the feedback! We’re really happy to hear that you’re satisfied with the new BOS 3.2 Update.

We’ve been putting a lot of effort into developing this, so it’s just awesome when you give the confirmation.

Stay tuned for more!