Next upcoming update, when?



When can we expect an update next time?
New features & fixes?
What is under firmware development in general?


We don’t have any official dates yet, just be sure that we’re constantly working on developing the current products as well as future products and updates :slight_smile:

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Kristian - Team Bragi


Thanks for the reply, Kristian!
Nice to hear that you will keep developing the existing Dash Pro so I know that my invested 300 EUR for quite expensive units was worth it.
I am a faithful user when I invest in something that looks (sounds) promising and will not give up in the first place hanging in there once I done a decision.
There is some BT drop outs, audio drop out right ear piece, static high tone left ear piece and missing functions (like ‘go to previous tune’ in 4D menu) that would be good to fix.
Audio is great (when I realised how important it was to pick the right ear buds), like the form factor of the units, and overall happy! Just keep us users get updates with not too much time in between and we will spread the word how great the total experience is with you guys!


Thanks for the feedback! It’s really appreciated :slight_smile:

We’ll keep you guys updated.


Bragi is great as a company and an initial product vision. I started with Bragi OS 2.2 (February 2017) and can say that Bragi has been delivering on its promise of continual improvement to The Dash, with a number of bugs fixed or significantly improved, all while adding a bunch of new features. Their Wikipedia article has a release history.

Your mention of audio drop outs in the right earpiece and the static high tone in the left concern me. I’m surprised @Kristian didn’t suggest that you contact support – they might be able to help.

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I wouldn’t call one update in 18 months a particularly good track record to be honest.


The release history shows that the longest wait between releases was like 6 months for Bragi OS 3.0.


Yeah, 6 months between OS2.2 and OS3.0. one year since 3.0 and no updates. So one update (OS3.0) in 18 months.


Oh, but there was 3.0.5 and 3.1.1 and I think even 3.1. :slight_smile:


Well still a pretty long wait for another software update… Bragi must be developing using the Waterfall model… So I guess we will get a huge update… or perhaps the software development is just slow at Bragi…

Who knows… It is a good product but the time to market for software updates is not very impressive…

Bjørn :slight_smile:


We’re working on something big. Be a little more patient, you’ll not be disappointed :slight_smile:


How soon? CeBIT release?! :grimacing::+1:


what we have is incredible and the fact that the device is even something that can receive updates is , again, incredible. Great work to date and the fact that there seems to be even more development on the horizon? I’m excited! look forward to it


Haha, get a room guys

I do agree, it’s a great product – although, and lets be honest here, it’s 2018 and not really that incredible that it supports updates which should be par for the course (and more frequent).

What would be amazing and something to get excited about would be to see Bragi adopt a more incremental delivery and update approach and deliver some of the backlog of annoying usability issues rather than just forward to the developers and hear nothing about. Maybe they have a small, inexperienced development team and are unable adopt such practices, who knows – certainly sounds a little chaotic on the inside:

Now that would be something to be excited about. Looking forward to the incredible update that’s coming though, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed (slight smile)


Mmmh… how many wearable products do you know, Stefan, that get regular updates over years? Smartwatches (Android)? 1 year if you are very lucky. Smartphones (Android)? 2 years are standard and the update frequency is if you forget security updates (at least this is something that is delivered quite regularly by SOME producers) - aweful. And if you switch to smart home devices? Updates? Most have to grab a dictionary to find the meaning of this word. ^^


I agree, other products are just as bad. No reason not to have higher expectations though.


I am very happy regarding my Dash Pro!
Some BT hiccups but I think it is because other BT units are messing up the signal

We’re working on something big. Be a little more patient, you’ll not be disappointed :slight_smile:

It is this above I’m excited about!
When, Kristian?! :nerd_face:


We, unfortunately can’t tell when as we’re still developing the update, but it’s not far away for being done :slight_smile:

Cheers, and thanks for being patient! We’re happy to hear that you’re satisfies with your Dash Pro!

Kristian - Team Bragi


Hi. Any details about the upcoming update?



Thanks for the interest. It keeps us motivated!

I’ll reach out to the Development Team and here if we can have an estimation.

I’ll let you know if we have any news.