Next release? BOS 3.2 - 6 months old now!


Hi Bragi team!

After the success of BOS 3.2 in July, 6 months ago, when will we see the next big release?


Thanks for the interest, Herbst!

I would love to give you an exact date, however we can’t communicate anything yet. But be sure that we’re constantly working on innovative solutions.

Stay tuned on Social Media and here in the community :slight_smile:



What is SoMe? Is it a website or a Facebook page ?


SoMe - as a guess, sounds like some hip way of saying Social Media.


Any news? Heading for the 7th month now…! Should be a lot of new features to add!


I fear Bragi has other priorities right now when I see the availability of stuff in the store. I do not need any new feature right now as long as I can still buy new earphones in a few years. ^^ Just give them time.