New software for the Dash


Are you going to release new SW for the Dash? wasn’t any update for a long time…


Hey Sagi,

We are currently working on a major update which is why it is taking a little longer this time. Expect news very soon! We are excited to let everyone know what we have been working on :slight_smile:


Awesome, I can’t wait to see the enhancements!!!


is it in the next 2 weeks? - someone said to me very very soon


Next two weeks is about right at the moment.


Do you have any information that you can share regarding the features that the update will provde?


We hope to release some more information over the next few weeks.


Can’t wait to see the new updates


Can’t wait to see a new update. It’s been a long time since the last one. My dash is not working properly and I really need a fix:(


Please tell me that the new Update will have a patch that eliminates the “BUZZING” in the left dash? This happened again to me today during a 10 mile run. Also I hope that the bluetooth connecting is going to get stronger. This two updates would make me very happy. :slight_smile:


I broke my first kickstarter dash myself and had to buy a new pair. They Bluetooth was shocking. The replacing pair was better but it’s still unusable. My first pair were the best benchmark as they just about worked with all the tips and tricks for phone placement adhered to. I’m praying the new software offers a solution as I fear the hardware on my new pair is faulty.


This has happened to me on occasion. If you place the left dash back into the charging dock and then put it back in your ear it resets. I wonder if there could be a way to initiate the same reset with a press and hold from the touch screen. For me it is only a minor nuisance.


I just bought the Dash. Should have listened to the critical reviews. Unusable due to constant dropping of bluetooth when listening to music. It works ok inside my house, but anywhere outside it’s garbage. Anyone have tips?


I hope you don’t regret your Dash purchase! Even though the Bluetooth is not as strong as some other pairs of headphones (notably The Headphone), it is still the coolest and most advanced pair available.

With regards to your specific problem, I, too have had problems with using the Dash outdoors. However, it’s important to be specific about the kinds of problems that you are having. For example, I had a problem where the Bluetooth would cut out in both ears. I was able to resolve this by keeping my phone in my right-front pocket, making sure the antenna is pointing outward and also by propping up my phone by placing my wallet behind it.

There is also a separate issue where the left Dash sometimes frequently cuts out, especially when outdoors. This is not a Bluetooth problem, however. Bragi support has suggested – but not promised – that this will be resolved in a future update. I have much more trouble with this issue than with Bluetooth cutting out, so be sure not to conflate the two issues.




Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I agree it appears to be some antenna, firmware, something issue. I appreciate your suggestions, about what pocket and whether the phone should be up or down. However, I work for one of the largest tech companies in the world doing troubleshooting and repair.

Telling people to put their phone in the right pocket with the antenna a certain way in order for $200 wireless earphones to work is ridiculous. It’s not a solution. I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking you, I appreciate you offering some short-term fix to try and get the Dash to work outdoors.

I really, really, really hope Bragi figures this out. The Dash are unusable at this point.


Thanks for the feed back, but it always happens when i am away from my charging station. I just think that we need a patch.


These headphones are awesome great job guys


Josh I have had my dash for about a month I use it for the gym and running I haven’t had this issue. So when you are out side the bluetooth cuts out. Ill have to be more mindful of this. This is some good information.


Wow I just tested it out and you are right it cuts out a little when I am outside.


Sean, it is odd that the right side only would cut out. As for my issue, it seems that – after an RMA – my left Dash was bad. I no longer have any issues outdoors.