New Owner Transition Questions


Hey there to whoever purchased The Dash! (cc: @Kristian),
Congratulations on your purchase of this excellently designed line of extra cool products! With the right changes to marketing and manufacturing and the right bug fixes and enhancements we can still hope to see a bright future for The Dash, The Headphone and – hopefully – Ears, too! Can we get answers to any of the following questions, or at least an idea of when we can expect to find out the answers?

  • Who is the new purchaser?
  • Did they also purchase Bragi OS?
  • Are they planning on enhancing the software and/or hardware?
  • What service parts (especially for The Dash White) will and will not be available?
  • @cora: mentioned that they are getting shipping notifications for their RMA. Does that mean that RMAs are or are about to be shipped?

Hope you can answer or maybe issue a press release or roadmap! It would be really helpful!

Thanks a bunch!


Thanks for raising the questions, Josh!

I’ll pass it on and get back to you as soon as I have any news.