New foam tips ... dash pro


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When it comes time to replace the foam tips where do you buy them from? I don’t see replacements listed anywhere on the bragi website

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I got mine from Amazon:
“Comply Foam Premium Tips for Truly Wireless Earphones (Black, 3 Pairs, Medium size)”


I read somewhere that these can cause the dash to not sit correctly in the charger as they are a bit longer than the stock. Is this correct?
I don’t want my Dash not charging properly


I can confirm no issues with the comply foam tips and charging. You might just take an extra second to make sure you’ve seated them right- but really I didn’t have any issues.

Ironically I’ve gone back to a hybrid combination of the Blue colour sleeve, cut off at the ends- the XS tips with a tiny rubber ring/spacer under the flange and I have the best fit ever and I feel a better seal than the comply tips.


I am hoping comply will do three different sizes soon, as I think they are only doing medium/standard size right now. The small size foam FitTips Pro work best for me.


I never have any issues with charging.


No need for different sized tips with Comply they are memory foam just roll in your fingers and insert them hold in your ear until they expand vola you now have a complete seal. I use Comply tips exclusively and when they get soft and don’t hold together when you roll them in your fingers they need replacing. Hope this helps


I tried a pair of the comply tips. While I think they are a little bit more comfortable for long sessions, I actually think I personally get a better seal with the stock tips BUT with a little rubber ring spacer I add in myself to help the flange sit out a bit more.

The comply don’t last long either. I was quite surprised at how quickly they fell apart for me.


The sweat proof that are now available last a little longer


Good tip Rob, I didn’t know that. I must look into it!


The Comply tips are absolute and total crap. My first pair that came with the earbuds cracked within two weeks (I use them sitting at a desk not running marathons so sweat and movement are not a factor). I wrote to Comply and they apologized and sent me a 3 pack of tips for free (these three packs cost $26 normally). I’ve gone through all three sets in 2 months. Typically I only use the right side bud so that means I’ve used 6 tips only on one ear over the course of 2 months. Lets do the math… $26x6mths = $156 in tips over a year if your using these on a regular basis. They did assure me that their R&D department had fixed the problem with breaking and sent me the sweat proof ones, yeah it was no different. Bottom line they suck!! I can’t speak for their other models of tips (they have quite a few) and I their customer service is great they just sell a terrible product for a truly wireless type earbud. Sadly the only safe option seems to be a silicon tip and they are terrible in terms of noise cancellation and comfort. Trying to find a better option.


I’m in the same boat. I liked the fit tips pro that came with the pro model but they are worn out too. They last a h eck if a lot longer than comply tips brand tho. Hopefully bragi will start selling them in the shop eventually


I found that I did not like the foam tips or any of the eartips that Bragi Sold. The ones I bought from amazon work great and my headphones do not fall out. 12 pcs S/M/L Hybrid Replacement Set Earbuds Eartips for Sony XBA , MDR and DR Series In-Ear Earphone Headsets

I also did a review on them on you tube. The only issue is you have to remove them when you put them in the charger. Bragi should make the charger deep enough to accommodate custom eartips.


By the way they are only $6.00 and you get 12 silicon ear-tips this is the link for the review .
I also tried the Spin Tips but they end up not charging and are a pain to remove and put back on the Bragi however they create even a better seal I think more for swimming.
SpinFit CP240-M – Patented Silicone Eartips for Replacement – Double Flange – (1 Pair, Insert included in box, Medium size) (4mm Nozzle Dia. / 3mm Nozzle Dia. with insert)


Anyone knows good eartips with wings (or just simply earwings) that fit the dash? They seems to be the only solution for me for not losing earphones while jogging…