New FitTips for The Dash


Hello BragiTeam,

will it be possible to buy the new Tips seperate?
I would like to buy them for my dash.

Thanks and greets!


these tips were delivered with the Headphone, I’m very happy with them! Much better than the Bragi tips.


Thank you!
Just ordered. I will try and give feedback.
The delivery takes up to 2 weeks to germany.


I think you can buy the FitSleeves alone on their website right now. And I’m pretty sure you can also buy more of their products separately if you lose one Dash or a piece of The Charger.


I agree that the Comply Foam tips help The Dash achieve its true potential with sound quality. I bought mine after I got my Dash and they are amazing. Much better seal and better sound.

@plid Franz, are you saying that The Truly Wireless tips come packaged in the box with The Headphone? If that’s the case, I wasn’t aware.


yes, 1 pair Comply Foams were included in the Headphone package :slight_smile:


so do these work with the original Dash? with the fit sleeves??


Yes. But you’ll need to cut off the ends of the fit sleeves to make room for the Comply tips and get access the tip of the Dash.


awesome thanks! is it worth the upgrade? is there a noticeable difference?


Hi plid, the comply foam tips arrived on tuesday and I tried them. So my experience wasn’t as good as expected.
I don´t know why, but I think they are too small for my (maybe) giant ears. So it sounds not as good as the original tips in S. I love them like before, now I know I did everything right :wink:
Thanks for help!


Hi plid, I have a Bragi Dash Pro and would like to get new fit tips, size XS. They don’t have them on the Bragi website. What size/type Comply substitutes did you get? Thanks


You can get the FitSleeves XS here:

Let me know if there is anything else :slight_smile:

Your Team Bragi