New Dash Pro left controls, 4D menu donot work (locking and audio work fine)


Hello Team Bragi,

Just bought a Bragi Pro from Best Buy, which I’m enjoying so far for music and calls.

EDIT: Left Dash is not showing up in Explorer. It was working fine before the update yesterday.

But, for some reason the gesture/touch controls on the left Dash do not work, with the exception of TouchLock. I can press and both Dash touch areas and the TouchLock activates. The swiping gestures to activate transparency on/off do not work. Cannot get into the activity menu either.

Also I can’t get the 4D menu to activate. I’ve watched the videos in the Bragi YouTube channel, and the instructions given in the services section of the Bragi app, also saw other users demo’ing the functionality, still nothing.

Calibration. I’ve done the calibration in the settings menu, the headsets seem to register me shaking* my head side to side and nodding up and down and still doesn’t work.

Oh! and it seems like the left Dash is sending heart rate data, so that also works.

Any ideas?



Thanks for reaching out!

We have a competent Technical Support Team who’s ready to help you answering all the questions! You can reach us at in the live-chat section, or at :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Team Bragi