New charging case connectors


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Bragi I really hope that you guys are paying attention to your supporters. I hope that you create a better case with better connections without those pins to ensure the ear phones are charged each time we use them. I have went through so many cases because of a broken pin and now my Starkey edition one of the pins is getting weak. I find that the little round connections on the headphone were good. Why not use those in the charging case for the dash. Will you guys be updating the case so we can purchase a better case without these issues as I am sure you guys are aware of this. Anyone have any other solutions from our community?

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It is my suspicion that the case pin connection problems might be mitigated if the cover slide was designed to only go on one way. The 2 axis symetric cross section seems to invite users to slide the cover on from either end and right side up or upside down. Although Bragi have not indicated that one specific orientation may be mandatory, I ensure that I only slide the cover on so that the slots in the cover reveal the battery state lights. When you do this, the cut out on the felt liner leaves room so that the ear pieces are held in place by the magnet and not squeezed against the pins by the felt. Perhaps the extra pressure imposed by the felt layer squeezes the ear pieces with excessive force or could cause a minor impact to the case or pocket pressure on the flat sides of the case to increase the pressure on the pins to the point of causing failure. When the cover is slid on in the ‘correct’ orientation, there is an air gap such that only the relatively weak magnetic force is causing pressure on the pins.

Having heard of the frequent complaints regarding charger pins, I have been hyper vigilant with the case cover orientation and my original version Dash case has not suffered any failure or bent pins. If my surmise proves to be a factor, Bragi may want to modify the case design so that the felt is only on the curved surfaces or redesign it so the cover only fits one way and in the mean time, provides a decent manual with an appropriate warning to users to ensure the cover is only slid on in the correct orientation.


Great analogy but that does not work. You should not have to be extra cautious for a product that is meant for various activities. I own the dash, dash pro, dash pro by starkey and the head phone. I can honestly tell you the case product design sucks. Everyone that I have except the headphone pin is messed up. The headphone does not have that issue because the pins are small metal dots not pins. I tried that same method you did long before and same thing. As a matter of fact the correct way to put it is to have it the way you described so you can See the ear phones are fully charged. It’s a bad design witj the connectors and I’m sure bragi is aware but for some reason have not resolved because they came out with the pro with the same case


Please excuse my ignorance as I have not seen an actual The Headphones charge case but have only had a look at some images of them in my browser. It appears they each have two magnetic connectors and one has two and the other has four electrical pin contacts for the two ear pieces. They also have moulded plastic standoffs each side of the pins, perhaps to mitigate crushing of the pins. Also, the flat width of the case is reduced leaving it less prone to flexing which further helps reduce potential loads on the pins (assuming the case wall thickness hasn’t been reduced). These changes could have been implemented to mitigate some of the problems, yet it appears that some users continue to report charging difficulties.

Kindly advise whether my observations from browser photos are inaccurate.


Nope you are spot on. The case design with magnetic circles are better when it comes charging if they were to implement into the dash.


A redesign that allowed inductive charging and BlueTooth data transfer for files and updates would eliminate the need for the current 5 contacts entirely but there would be a significant efficiency losses impacting charge cycles and data transfer speed.
A connect and reset line would be helpful but that could be on the touch interface. In the event the touch interface locked up and a hard reset was needed, an alternate tact might be to use something like Plantraco’s bahoma (BAttery HOlder MAgnetic) connectors for positive and negative terminals with a 3rd data/BT connect/reset line. Given that 3 points determine a plane, there would be no need to incorporate those tiny individual spring loaded pins. Using 3 magnetic connectors would guarantee three point coplanar contact without any springs just like a three legged bar stool always makes three points of contact even when the floor isn’t perfectly level, unlike a 4 legged kitchen chair or 5 castor office chair where any two higher points give you a 2 point teeter totter fulcrum that keeps one or more points out of contact anytime a surface isn’t absolutely perfectly level. The current 5 point contact can’t guarantee contact without variable length spring loaded legs that have proved prone to failure, particularly to lateral loads. They could simply put on a magnet behind metal soldered to the wire rather than using Plantraco’s method of actually plating the magnet and soldering to it and the production and tooling costs would go down with the parts count. The precision currently required for mating the contacts could be made much simpler and more reliable. Charge connection would be almost foolproof and a 3rd serial data line could handle any reset or 8 initiate BT connectionp without needing a physical button on the ear pieces.

I’m sure they had their reasons for the existing design but am not convinced they were optimal.

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