My right Dash died, and nobody has a fix


Hi I’m from Brazil, and Bragi does not deliver products here, nevertheless I bought on amazon a got a friend to deliver it to me. My first impressions where great, but the provided cable wouldn’t connect the dash to any computer, a got a little frustrated when I got home I tried a bunch of different cables and to my surprise onde of them connected the Dash, so great news, I was able to update de software and put some music on it. Next day went to swim really excited, but the right dash fall out my ear…I was a little scared about the whole 1 meter deep, so I collected the dash right away and it was still functioning…so as a precaution I stopped using on the pool put ir back again while I was stretching, then put in the case and came home. At home it was working normally I install the app calibrate to awnser calls with nod, tested the beta tap on the cheek siri thing, everything fine, on the nexto day I used at work for almost one hour while working, the showed to a friend functioning and awnsering calls and all, really exited put in the box, so far so good, then after about 4 or five hours, when I was leaving my work to go home again to my surprise the righ dash was off, not breathing…opende the chat, tried everything and nothing, reset, reboot, shipping mode nothing…left the hole nigh of the charge and the charger, nothing, now put it to charge again nothing…nobody in the chat knows how to solve it…I’m very very, very sad…


Hello, sorry to hear you had an issue with your Dash. It would be best to contact our customer support team about this at

It sounds like if the Dash dropped into a deep section of the pool this may have effected them. Also you mention getting out of the pool and putting them in the case. Did you wash with fresh water first as chlorine etc would need to be washed off if possible.


I had a similar issue. It seems to be related to the charger. If you try different chargers, maybe they start breathing again. I think the batteries of the Dashs and the charging case loose their capacities over time.


Thanks for the comments actually Bragi replaced my Dash, and the new one arrived and it seems to be working fine, however I’m a little afraid to use it on the pool again because I searched a lot and every person that had a problem with the dash was using on the water…on the website they don’t have tips and care instructions, they mention that the chemicals in the water may damage the Dash etc, but should we wash whit tap water after using in the pool? By the care section I think you are only suppose to dry it before charging but and the chemicals…I bough mostly to use in the pool every…so I’m still testing and doing research on the matter.


Hello, i’m from Vietnam. I bought The Dash from Amazon. After used it 6 months, everything was grat. But last week, i got a same problem like felipepvieira and now i dont’ know how to fix it, i tried to dry it and connect it to the charger and it still breathed normally but when i put it in my ears, nothing happen: no sound, i can’t press to the right dash, can’t connect with my Iphone throught Bluetooth. The only thing i can is connect the Dash with my computer. Now i confuse and don’t know what can i do next.
Can anybody give me some advise how to fix it or how can i replace another right dash, plz


Just had mine replaced the same issue
Bragi support was amazing just days from first conversation to having a new right Dash Pro


Yea I pretty much want the same function as you do, go swim with these and maybe shower. as long as it is not too much shampoo i guess they will be fine?.. But anyway I still didnt buy them yet and considering if the extra money of Pro version is worth it… I wish to know more about the waterproof thingy so please share with us if you find anything in your research! :wink:


I’m too, from Vietnam, I bought this one from Amazon, my young sister bring for me, but not used yet, the right dash never turn on, only the left one working, reset, reboot, shipping mode, format but nothing.


Please reach our Costumer Service at! Our support team are more than happy to help you :slight_smile:


I had the same issue now TWICE. I bought the dash, loved them! Wore them swimming and the right bud burned out, but because I bought them from an “unregistered source” on Amazon they would t do anything. I was devastated. I’m a young bartender and I splurged on myself and they broke. So I saved up and bought them again. Because I loved them when they did work and now the SECOND pair the right ear bus is burned out again after swimming and in a few days it will have been a year. I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford to keep replacing my favourite device like this.



Thanks for the feedback. We’re truly sorry to hear about your situation.

Have you been in contact with our Support Team yet? I’m sure we can help solving the issue.

Make it a great day,
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