My dash pro stops playing music randomly


I’ve faced a weird issue with my dash pro a couple of time.

While running, my dash pro stopped playing music all of a sudden.
Other features works well. Volume is at max, I can play / pause / skip song with touch control or head gesture, but absolutely no music.
I’ve tried removing the dash pro and get them back in my ears. Tried stopping starting the activity again.

Battery was OK (blink blue when I got the dash off the charging craddle)

Got the music back again after my running session: got the dash pros to connect and disconnect from my phone.

Anyone aware of such an issue ?



Hi Christophe,

It seems very strange! Do you have an email that our Support Team can use in order to troubleshoot and help you solving the issue?

We’ve never heard of it before, so thank you for reaching out!



Hi Kristian,
I’ve just send you a private message with my email.
Thanks for trying to help,


Oddly - mine has done this a couple of times over the last week or so …

it was a minor thing - could be fault of the device (Galaxy S9) or BT connection - but just seemed a bit random/weird.


I’ve forgotten to say that the dash pro was not connected to the phone (standalone mode)


I’ve send you a message here as well :slight_smile:


Mine does this too. Is there a solution? What to do ? Its v e r y annoying when your busy running Then the music stop


Do you have shortcuts and headgestures enabled? Try to unable it within The Bragi App, and see if it works :slight_smile: