My Dash not working


I have a Dash. It works perfectly well for months.
I traveled and didnt use them for a while. Now i am in Turkey becaouse of business and when I got back I charged them, and when I put them on nothing… No message or respond on touch. My Samsung A8 can see theThe Dash` but cannot connect because The Dash refuse to connect, which I believed is the one not working.

So I did a new software update 3.2, which was there already, but nothing. I also tried to reset them, download other softwares like 2.0 or others but nothing changed.

I watched all solution videos and read all the articles about the solutions but no solutions found. So please help me about the situation. Now i cannot hear anything when i put them in my ears. My left and rigth dash breathes with different colors and different time periods.

I can give any information or any support if you need.

Model No is B1000
Serial No is 0000055065C



Thanks for explaining the issue so detailed, and for troubleshoot yourself. We would be more than happy to help you! Can I please have your email in order to get back to you? :slight_smile: