MWC'19: More news on Bragi hearables and the nanoAI platform


News coverage from Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019:

No word on The Dash or Bragi OS, though… maybe The Dash will run this new system?


Great to see that you’re following the updates Josh :smiley:


Thanks for sharing Josh. Does this sound like new hardware is on the cards to you?

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Well, the article says that nanoSYSTEMS is a “sensor-rich hardware platform” and that “Bragi will offer both custom-designed product solutions and ready-to-produce reference designs for hearables, based on [the nano] suite”, so it certainly sounds like they have something hardware-based planned.

I also didn’t see any mention of hearing enhancement, which makes me wonder about the Beta Ears functionality. I was hoping to see that in the next release.

As you know, it’s been a while since the last Bragi OS update, so I do very much hope that owners of The Dash will benefit from this fancy new software!

What did you think, @BANE? Any favorite takeaways?

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There are a lot of descriptions there which lead me to believe this could potentially run on the dash pro, but part of me does think there would be new accompanying hardware too.

My take from it is I’m a little wary of to much automation or ‘intelligence’ in many ways and across many things. For instance, contextual hot word wake up… or the contextual audio transparency mentioned. I wonder just what for it will take and indeed would it actually be useful. On the Dash Pro at the moment, I love the idea of the cheek or jaw tap to control the device- but in reality I can’t leave the feature on as it false positives constantly when cycling, running. Not a criticism to the device since the feature works by detecting vibration in and around that area and the amount of vibration on a bike on a rough road is huge so it’s no shame that the device may false positive, since it’s technically receiving the stimulus it’s built to detect. Same for the launching of the 4D menu by gesture. I LOVE this and I constantly have it turned on. It functions perfectly however it also false positives- particularly when I’m in the shower haha I’m constantly opening the menu by accident.

Another embarrassing one is when I meet people in the street. I LOVE that I can tap to pause once and it auto launches transparency so I can have a conversation. But During a conversation various gestures and head movements ensue. During standard conversations I have, unintentionally, opened the 4D menu and played music and I had to excuse myself and reach up to pause it again. Again- I am PERFORMING the head gesture required to launch the menu so no shame that it gets triggered, but real world application and selective use can often fly in the face of function. I’m aware that all these features can be turned on or off for sure, but one does have to be paired by bluetooth and have to use the app to do so but I’m not going to take my phone out, connect, open the app, navigate the menu and turn off 4d menu when I chance encounter a friend in the street.

It doesn’t change the fact I’m very excited to see what they’ve been working on and I suppose gain a more full understanding of what it will all actually entail!


I don’t know about you guys but I will be highly upset if this is not an update for the dash. I sounds like an upgraded dash they are creating with new features. I have the dash pro and dash Starkey version. If it’s an upgrade I would hope they offer a trade in and pay a low price to get the new one.


Wow Terrell, that’s some investment. I totally understand. I’m excited since the pro is still the one in ear computer that exists rather than ‘competitors’ which are merely wireless ear phones. So it would be wonderful to think that at least some of this new innovation will be able to run on the existing hardware. It’s capable of more than is currently enabled.

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Thanks bro. Unfortunately I have the dash and headphone as well smh. One thing I can say is that for anyone that once to know. If you have a dash ear bud and a pro ear bud they can work together.


Interesting!!! I’ve actually got a white Dash pair and the dash pro. Haven’t tried before. I may give it a go out of curiosity