Mute & Unmute an ongoing call


Is there a way to mute and unmute a call using the Dash Pro control buttons (similar to what we have in “The Headphone”)?


Not that I know of. How did u do thus with the headphone?


Hello @Mook!

Thanks for reaching out. At the moment, it’s unfortunately not possible. You would have to mute by using your smartphone.

We’ve forwarded the feedback to the development team :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!
Kristian - Team Bragi


Has there been any update on this? It would be great to be able to mute from the Dash headset as opposed to pulling my smartphone out of my pocket to mute a call.



You can reject the call by either using the touch interface og the Headgestures, but it is not possible to mute the conversation during the call, and then unmute it while riding!