More activities


I was a bit disappointed to see that no other activities got added.

Is this a possibility or will it remain limited to the 3 current ones.


Any suggestions ? I guess as long as it is something with a distinct movement pattern ?


Most basic would be push up, sit-up and squat.

Perhaps yoga and arobics as well.


There should be a way to know that you are golfing or playing tennis…or if you’re sitting around a lot then you’re probably playing baseball so that would be an easy one.


I was thinking about that but understanding Google Fit pretty well it’s hard to program to detect the right movement.

So you would depend on other things detected like breathing and heart rate for certain activities.
And of course it depends on other data they manage to implement:


Hey Guys,

We are looking in to a lot of different options for tracking, a big one but very challenging is Crossfit / Freeletics type of training. We think the ability to track reps etc would be awesome :slight_smile:

Expect more news in the future and we welcome suggestions and feedback!


What about oxygen saturation and trmperature tracking? That was promised initially?


@Dean maybe partner with the Atlas guys, and get access to their library of motion ‘fingerprints’?


I would be nice to have the heart rate monitor on without having to select an activity. There should be a tap for activation , so an app can monitor my HR for its own metrics. I use an Apple Watch with my Dash By Starkey. The Bragi cannot connect to more than one device at a time. I have to turn off my IPhone blue tooth to connect to the watch. The app I use for strength training doesn’t receive HR information from the Bragi unless an activity is selected on the Bragi. To recap. Please allow the HR monitor to be used outside the three current activities, or please add strength training to the activity list.


Hey ,

I`m new with The Bragi and i like Them very much.

I like to have a Activity for my Rowing Trainer could use them inside and outside also!

Greetings from Germany


I would fix the ones you have now. On auto tracking it thinks I’m swimming when I’m doing latpulldowns. Also the locking feature unlocks on its own and I think it’s because the movement maybe in my ear while I’m working out. Maybe make not unlock able if locked by cell phone unless unlocked by cell phone or a longer hold. Also the shortcut activates while running.

Extra activity ideas are easy just copy Apple.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestions everyone!

We’re happy that you’re interested in developing Bragi and our future updates and releases.

Greetings from Munich,


Do other A2DP devices have the ability to be connected to multiple devices at the same time? I thought that they were limited to one at a time. Is that part of BT 5.0 or something?


Some devices can have the multiple connections, but it’s not implemented in The Dash Pro yet.

It has nothing to do with BT 5.0, but rather a chip located in the device.



Another vote for rowing. It is a pretty consistent kind of motion that accelerometers should be able to detect and report on. Adding too many activities could complicate autodetection and menu navigation. If a user could select activities they normally want tracked from with the app, false reports and menu complexity would be simplified. I regularly walk outdoors, run outdoors, swim indoor laps, row indoors and bike both indoors and out. It would suit me to set The Dash to report only swimming in the app and then disable the swimming activity as an option. On those days I bike to the pool, it would be handy to have those only as options. I row indoors at home several days per week and would love the option to preset that activity in the app and have it report stroke count, rate and heart rate by simply starting the activity with The Dash controls without navigating numerous menu selections.

I’ve used The Dash for walking and it reports heart rate and step count accurately when compared with my Garmin chest strap and watch but I need to modify stride length between running and walking in order to use the run activity to more accurately report distance and calories. It would be nice to leave the chest strap behind and have a way to key in the GPS distance from the phone or watch into the Bragi app and then use the HR data in the Garmin app.


What about Walking, Hiking, Treadmil,