Moblies cannot find my Dash Pro


Hello Team,

I already submitted my case to the Team Bragi and support. My case ID is 360780.

I mentioned that my right Dash Pro has one html file ( and one file folder (LOGS).
It mean there is no text file (sysinfo) in my right Dash Pro.

By the way, also, I already conducted Recovery Update for my Dash Pro several times, however, my mobiles cannot find my Dash Pro and I cannot use it.

Concretely, my Dash pro is breathing properly (Sync is good!), but, my mobiles cannot find the Dash Pro.

Would you please support me to use my Dash pro again?




So did the Recovery Update went well?

Tried to Reset the units?

  • Place The Dash in the charger and make sure it sits on the MagSnap.
  • Press and hold the pinhole button on the right side of the charger until you see 3 red flashes on The Dash Charger LED.
  • Release after the 3 red flashes and The Dash is reset .


Like this one: