Microphone not working for calls or Google


So this is weird. I have yet to be able to use any voice commands or have my mic work for any calls. I’ve had it about a week now and audio transparency works just fine. What am I missing?


Same issue with mine dash, transparency works fine, shortcut with double tap on cheek works fine, but as for calls or google assistant the mic is deaf, any ideas?


I’ve contacted support and am waiting on a response. If I am offered a solution I will share.


I had this issue with my last pair and my brother currently has the same Issue with his. Do a reset, a reinstall and a rapid update then when you know this doesn’t fix the issue log your case with your process with support and request an rma.


Thanks for tips @BANE, I’ll try it out.


Did that work for you @konji ?


Unfortunately no, I did the whole procedure with reset and reinstalling firmware, but still the same thing, besides this issue my dash seems to work fine, did you have more luck @Michael_M ?


I did not. They wanted me to RMA them. Well thing is, I just got these a week ago, so as an Amazon Prime member, they went back. Going to wait for the Dash pro to be released to Amazon. Good Luck! @konji


I had the same issue, about 3 weeks back. I thought it was something I did. Did all the troubleshoots, etc. Nothing work, so they agreed for a replacement.
Waiting for the replacement to come, but I hope this problem doesn’t occur again !


My mic stopped working after I updated my Dash to OS 3.01. The update was successful and all other features work fine except the mic. When a phone call comes in, I can hear the other end loud and clear but they cannot hear me at all. So, it’s frustrating for me to use the dash to listen to music and then I had to take it off to take a call now. I’ve logged a ticket with Bragi support but all they asked me to do was to do recovery update. I performed this twice already, no use, mic still not working.


The BOS3 Release Notes seem to indicate known issues with 3rd party call platform. It mentions Skype by name.

Change log:

Release Features
Improved and simplified Bluetooth handling:
⟩ Stability improvements ⟩ BT Classic (»The Dash ##«) and BLE (»The Dash ## X«) now have two distinct names in the device picker ⟩ Simplified Connection Procedure: Removing 6 digits pairing code for BLE bonding ⟩ Simplified Connection Procedure: Removed BLE pairing mode on Left Dash (Long Hold Left)
A.I. powered Auto Tracking of Activities: Idle, walking, running, swimming, cycling. Offline storage of activity reports on The Dash and automatic data sync with Bragi App when connected.
User Interface:
⟩ Virtual 4D Menu: Handsfree, control of Music Playback, Activity Tracker and Phone Assistant via simple head movements ⟩ Virtual 4D Menu: Added Toggle for automatic activation of 4D menu on insertion ⟩ Simplified Touch UI. All Menus can now be navigated via Nod and Shake head gestures. ⟩ Improved »First Use« Onboarding process on The Dash and in the Bragi App ⟩ Dash Controls: »Shortcut« is now customizable via the Bragi App
Advanced Power Management: Battery runtime increased to up to 5h of continuous playback
External Application Support: The Dash now supports realtime translation via iTranslate (iOS only)
All features stated above can be toggled on and off via the Bragi App.
Audio improvements
⟩ Reduced audibility of the headphone’s self-noise. ⟩ Better perceived tonal balance between bass, mid, and treble. ⟩ Loudness compensation that preserve the tonal balance at all volume levels. ⟩ Maximum volume increased by 2 dB (94 to 96 dB) ⟩ Clear Audio transparency (Bionic Hearing) ⟩ Versant 2.0. for best in class telephony in all environments and optimized speech intelligibility for External Device Voice Assistants (e.g. Siri, GoogleNow) ⟩ Improved fading behavior of music during voice prompt playback ⟩ Gain adjustments of all voice prompts ⟩ Removed audio artifacts during playback of certain voice prompts and soundicons ⟩ Audio artefacts (removed crackling sound artifacts - left side)
⟩ Improved NFMI Left to Right Dash connection
System improvements
⟩ Improved platform for support of multiple languages ⟩ Refined Voice Prompts and Phrasing in all available Languages ⟩ Improved Audio Transparency Handling and synchronization ⟩ Improved Sleepmode in Charger improved to save power ⟩ Fixed issue with occasional Left side audio dropouts during certain call scenarios with VOIP services ⟩ Fixed issue that made left side UI lag between interaction and sound feedback ⟩ Fixed issue that made the left UI unresponsive when taking it out of the ear during a phonecall ⟩ Changed PDL from 9 to 5 remembered connected devices to make automatic pairing faster ⟩ »My Controls« is renamed to »Controls« ⟩ »MyTap« is renamed to »Shortcut«
Known Issues
During Call Scenarios or active Voice Assistant:
⟩ only Audio Transparency can be controlled on the left side; ⟩ the control link to the left side might break.
Issues connected with Activities:
⟩ when transferring larger amounts of activity data, there is a chance that some of the data can be corrupted; ⟩ tracking of ongoing Activities may be paused during a call.
Issues connected with soundicons:
⟩ some Soundicons and Voiceprompts are cut at the end under special use conditions; ⟩ a TAP gesture during call falsely plays back the »confirmation« Soundicon; ⟩ »Interface Locked« Soundicon is sometimes played back when entering a call; ⟩ soundicons and Voice Prompts can be interrupted when interacting with Android Phone UI; ⟩ when the »far end« ends a call, there is no »Call ended« Soundicon played back
Issues connected with Windshield:
⟩ during a call, after the call ended Transparency state does not automatically sync with the right side, the right side transparency might stay off. Can be resolved by just activating Windshield again via SWIPE gesture. ⟩ under heavy wind conditions, there is a chance that slight clicking audio artifacts can appear
Other issues
⟩ sometimes an incoming skype call can not be accepted or declined via head gestures; ⟩ after a call, sometimes Audio Transparency does not return to its full volume level; ⟩ when Dash Volume is above »Safe Volume Level« and Audio Transparency is turned ON, when covering the ambient microphone there is a small possibility of an audible feedback loop occurring; ⟩ while The Dash is in Bluetooth Pairing mode (Long Hold Right) it is not possible to connect to an App via BLE; ⟩ under some conditions, the first TAP gesture on the right side is not recognized correctly and music playback pauses after 1 second


I tried a sound recording app with the dash and the Mic works fine. It’s just with the phone call app and Google Assistant that the Mic stops working. Anyone knows how to deal with this? Appreciate help from anyone…


Hi David, how you fix the problem. I have the same problem with my bragi.


I do have same problem. Can’t make any phone calls as microphone is not working. Don’t know how to resolve this issue as they don’t have any service center in Qatar


Hello guys!

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having some issues regarding The Microphone.

I would kindly ask you to reach our Customer Support by sending an email to support@bragi.com.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



Hi Kristian

I had the same problem and I’ve opened a case through Bragi (#298848)
Although the answers were quick y the Bragi Team, the diagnostics procedure was based on make “hard” resets and apply (about three times) the last firmware, either the “quick” way (one per one earbud) or the “long” way (both earbud in the charger and one Firmware file)…but the problem wasn’t solved

Finally I realized that I was still in the Amazon’s 30-day return by damaged products, and a new pair of Bragis were at home one week after… the case was closed by Bragi and nothing more about the problem was notified to me…

I felt the Bragi Team lacked the explanation of probable causes about this problem (which I see is very common), and I’m afraid of someting similar will occur again… and I’m now outside the Amazon’s 30-day policy

What could you tell about this? how do you (the Bragi Technical team) handle this problem? how does the one-year warranty operates? I saw on some comments of other persons that the microphone used for calls is very sensitive, in that case what is the recommendations to avoid failures?

I’ll be attentive to your answer




I had this with my first pair and I found that the transparency mic was working but the ear one mic was unresponsive so was a hardware issue internal to the dash. I exchanged em for a new pair and had no more issues. I think it is a bad batch out there from bragi on my opinion


I hope we’ve solved your issue trough the Support Team Giovanni!

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything else :slight_smile:
Your Team Bragi