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It seems there are other dash users who would like bragi to fix their windows 10 drivers.

I have downloaded the bragi Windows Store App and nothing I do can make the microphone work properly. I'm a programmer and can use my dash pro great as headphones with my laptop but have not been successful in using the mic on 3 different windows laptops so far. Everytime I try to enable the mic not only does the audio go out in one of the earphones but mic input never receives any sound at all. It would be great if bragi could fix the windows drivers, because then I could use my headphones for SIP phone calls at work. and push to talk for titanfall origin gaming at home. My mic works great for bluetooth calls from my iphone. I'm eagerly awaiting bragi to fix these windows drivers for my dash pros.

Do you have a bug report on this in any bug tracking website? If bragi devs are busy working on higher priorities maybe your company would consider open sourcing the windows audio driver software so other devs could implement our own fix?

The dash with Surface Pro and Skype - Laptop freezes

any update on this issue? Is anyone else able to use the dash successfully as both headphones and a windows microphone simultaneously?


Nope. Having the same problem! Man I took my Plantronics Voyager Edge for granedt. NEVER HAD A SINGLE HICCUP!


@Mason - This was the other issue i was having with the faulty Dash Pro I received a replacement for. It appears that this is a problem with every device.

I think you would agree that failing to function on Windows PCs is quite a problem and needs to be addressed as a matter of priority.


Thanks for bumping the thread… Making the bragis function properly with my pc would be extremely useful on a daily basis


Hello All,

Thanks for your messages and comments regarding this issue.

We’re appreciating your feedback, which allows us to improve every day.

In order to support you and help this issue getting solved, I would kindly ask you to send us an email at support@bragi.com. Our technical support is happy to help you.

Greetings from Munich,
Kristian & your Team Bragi