Mic feedback when using audio transparency


Morning all. Starting my second full day with the dash pro and on my cycle to work I was greeted by horrible squealing feedback from audio transparency coming from the right unit. Couldn’t shake it and had to turn my transparency off totally. Just settled and tried them again and while not peaking I can hear the right ear ringing like it’s ready to be set off.

I’ve reseated the Pro, I’ve soft rest the pro and tried to update 4 times using the launcher but each time the update failed at some point.

I’m using medium fit skins with a Small and Medium fit TIP at present and this was fine all of last night. I’ve not ever encountered mic feedback with the dash 1.0 before. Has anyone else had this issue?

EDIT I was in heavy rain in case this information assists in any way.

I’ve just put my pro back in my ears after about 90 minutes and it seems to be operating fine again….I wonder if a stray bead of water was in an usual position in relation to the mic?



I normally get the squeaking feedback when walking in manhattan and cars with really bad/worn brakes stop in close proximity to me. Hoping future firmware updates will improve on whatever audio transparency algorithm they are using.


Now that 3.1 is out, will we be seeing software improvements on the audio transparency end anytime soon?


strange. this issue has not happened ONCE since that isolated incident I had. it was the by rain… I can only think some aberration happened and a water droplet was causing something weird to happen. good for me I guess!


Yea for me it only happens when I’m in busy city areas. Out in the suburbs its all good.