May 16th New Product? Please FIX the Dash FIRST


You are promoting a kickstarter announcement on May 16. Please fix the awful bluetooth connectivity of the Dash before you ask anyone for more money. Please.


In my case, I find the bluetooth connection acceptable with respect to the limitations of this technology. Moreover, it seems to me better that similar products are produced by acting manufacturers. Will only improve in the future, but I think if we want to use wireless headphones, we must also learn how to handle them.


I’d like the highlight that bragi hardware is inconsistent. My first kickstarter pair had acceptable bt in context of limitations. After damaging mine I bought a new pair and had to have them replaced the Bluetooth was so bad. My current pair are also inferior but they won’t replace them until I try the new software update.


Yea but when will the new software be release for everyone to see if it’s going to fix the problem because it’s really bad after paying all that money for the bragi


Hey All,

We have multiple announcements on the 16th so make sure you watch the live stream or check social for info.


Try and apply the BOS3 update. It should help with everything from BT connectivity to Transparency Mode (I also love that it got rid of the white noise/ hiss too).

Bragi can only do so much with the existing hardware and design architecture in The Dash.

They have switched BT radio vendors for The Headphone and applied everything they have learned thus far to The Dash Pro.

Just get rid of yours and get the new hadrware/ model.


I was curious if anyone else has encountered an issue I’m having with my Dash. When I’m talking to someone on the phone for an extended period of time (more than 10 minutes) using the Dash, it eventually cuts out and starts screeching until you take it out of your ears. Has anyone else encountered this?


Yes, I’ve encountered this with my left dash on my last pair. Though it was pretty infrequent and seemingly random as I couldn’t trigger it by any particular behaviour.

Resenting in the charger will fix it and If you’re in a pinch and don’t have the charger I found taking the unit put for 2 or 3 mins then reinsert in will make the units connect & function again.