May 16th Event in NYC


For the event tomorrow, I RSVP’ed, but haven’t heard anything back. Where is the actual event location and are we supposed to received more info on it?


Hey Stan,

Those invited should have received an eventbrite invitation. Can you PM me your full name and email address so I can check to see if there was an issue.


Hi Dean,

Can’t find the PM function, anyway, I can email you or you PM me?


Just PM’d you there. You should be able to reply to that.


How do you get invited to the event?


Unfortunately there is a limited capacity at the venue so we invited some of our Kickstarter backers. It would have been great to have had everyone in the area to attend but logistically not possible :frowning:

Live stream will be available for those not attending though at:


Ok, I was thinking the invite was for live streaming. I cannot attend in person just did not want to miss the live stream.


Somehow I’m a little disappointed. When I got my Dash from Kickstarter I used it heavily for about 2 weeks and then it started to collect dust on my shelf. Tried it once more when os 2.2 was released and then back to the shelf. Since then I’m using the Apple Airpods because they are much more accessible. Now I’m updating and see how 3.0.1 compares to before, but they already lost to the Airpods for casual use. The case of the Dash is too big. Opening the case is a hassle. The Dash itself (if it is working and connecting) is a great product. Really hoped they would also redesign the case. And price wise that is really overkill. 238$ in Kickstarter was a respectable price, and 349€ normally is hard to justify and an additional 150€ to a wooping 499€ …
But it’s nice to see you are still improving your product.s


Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback and let us know how you get on with 3.0.1

With regards to the pricing its actually 349e still for the Dash Pro, the Starkey Dash is 499 due to the custom fitting etc.

Its hard to compare to the Airpods as they are a diifferent type of product and more inline with our Bragi The Headphone which has a smaller case. The Dash Pro is more of a computer that you wear in the ear with added functionality etc. We are only just touching the capabilities of what we hope to achieve in the long run.


So far 3.0.1 works great indoors. :smiley:

Will there be any discounts for Kickstarter backers?


Any possibility of adding hearing enhancement or active noise cancellation features?


Expect some info shortly on this!