Lost sound in left ear but


I was working with Karl earlier this afternoon, Issue ID 361187.

They were working fine this morning. Then I put them on the charger and went to lunch. I came back and put them in, turned them on, but they would not sync up. I followed the instructions to try to sync them up. When I dock the left it quick flashes 2 times and then nothing for a while, then it flashes a few times sporratically and shows full. The right ear behaves as expected, but they never flash together, not like they did originally. While talking with Karl he suggested draining them to empty so that I could then maybe charge them to full… My problem now is that my right ear is drained to empty but because they wont sync I cant drain the left ear. when I put it on the dock it shows full immediately.

I am at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions? I love my Bragi’s. I have become incredibly spoiled! So I am in a state of pouting. Any help appreciated.


Did you ever find a way to drain the left one?