Lost a connector pin from the dash charger


Hey guys, I lost one of the little, tiny connector pins that connects the charger to the actual earbuds. I’m wondering if there is any way I could replace the connector pin? It’s a tiny piece of metal, and I’m not willing to pay another 50+ for a new charger, just because of the tiny piece of metal. There’s got to be a way. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your time.


Send it back for a replacement. This happened to me for my Starkey’s. They gave me a new charger. It’s annoying but in my case, Starkey replaced the charger.


Thanks for your reply. I asked if they would let me send it back and have it fixed, but they said they wouldn’t do anything except let me buy the charger. For $50 excluding shipping! Any other ideas?


How old is it? Are you within the one year warranty? Mine was only a few weeks old.


Not sure how old it is. Not within one year warranty I don’t think, as I bought it from someone.


Yeah, therein lies your issue. They won’t honor a warranty unless you’ve bought it from a authorized seller. My advice would be to get something used off ebay or buy a refurb unit off Groupon. That said, I love my Bragi’s and I’d drop $50 in a heartbeat to fix a charger, but that’s me. Good luck. Hope you figure it out.


Okay. Thanks for your help!


I had the same issue and I was still in the warranty period. They would not cover it and actually told me that I placed the earbuds in the charger with too much force! Seems pretty impossible to do but whatever. I had to spend $50 on a new charger. I am not a fan of the customer service or their unwillingness to back the product! Just my .02.


Hello Bragi Family,

Thanks for your feedback all of you.

If you have issues regarding a broken Charger, please reach us at support@bragi.com, in order for us to help you evaluate the best warranty options :slight_smile:

I’ll follow up on the case, please provide me with the case ID.

Make it a great day!

Kristian & your Team Bragi


Hello Team Bragi,
Sorry to say, but I am extremely disappointed and very frustrated at your customer service.
I’ve now sent three emails to the address mentioned above, the first of which was way back in December. I have not had one response to any of these emails.
I’ve had issues with the right earphone from the beginning, and then one of the connector pins broke off.
I’d hoped for a reply via email, but as I’ve received nothing, the only option left is to try via this forum.
Unfortunately now though, the negative feedback can be see by all.
I actually really love the earphones, and would have recommended them-but the absence of any form of response to several emails, means the feedback is now not very positive :frowning:️.
I would really appreciate a response-it has now been three months.


Hello! Please provide your Case ID, so I can follow up personally! We have a 24-hours response time, so it might have ended up in your spam folder.



Hello Kristian,

Thanks for your very prompt response.

I owe Team Bragi an apology! After reading your response above, I checked my junk mail and found responses from the team were sent in January. I am very sorry - I usually receive notification emails when messages hit my junk mail, but unfortunately on these occasions I didn’t. Apologies to you and the team, as they did respond to me in January, and the responses were prompt.

I have sent a reply email, including the additional detail that the team requested.

Thank you, and apologies once again-I’m embarrassed at my oversight!


Thanks for getting back to us, we appreciate the feedback! :heart_eyes:

Let us know if there is anything else.


A big thank you to Team Bragi! :+1:t3::clap:t3:
I have had the replacement charger for about three months now and haven’t had any issues at all. So good to have the earphones back working and charging easily, quickly and properly.
Thanks again, great service :blush::+1:t3:


Thanks for the reply @ATails! It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Please let us know if there is anything else.

Cheers from Munich,
Your Team Bragi


To answer your question, yes it is possible to use another small, conductive piece of metal if you lose a pin and find yourself in a pinch for a fix while you wait for a new case. I used a jumper ring from a necklace. I opened it just enough to where I could slide it in the hole on top of the spring and then the existing magnetic connectors pulled/pinned the rest of the jump ring to the case to where I could pop in the Dash earbud and it made all the connections again.

I can also confirm that a garbage bag twist tie works…


Hello team bragi, I have the same issue and sent an email to support@bragi.com. I love bragi dash pro but now I cannot use with the broken charger. It is still within warranty period, can you please help initiate a replacement?


I’ll check up with our Support Team if you can provide your Case ID to me :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi