Little cracks and scratches occationally with hearing profile active and 3.2


Hallo everyone,

first I have to admit, I love the DashPro for all its capabilities, even if it still got some imperfection here and there.

But I discovered that with the personalized hearing profile active at full intensity (haven´t done a complete set of experiments) and at a higher volume I can here very short cracks and scratches in the audio stream every 5-30 seconds. During an activity it is easy to overhear but while listening in a fairly quiet environment it is pretty annoying.

My Dashpro is fairly new too, like a month or two.

So my question is: Is this a known bug or software problem or does my Dash have any hardware issues?

Thanks for helping


My Dash Pro 26 works great at Maximum Volume with the Mimi Defined intensity set to full. You should contact!

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Did you get in contact with our Support Team yet?

We have some troubleshooting that we can do with you, in order to get rid of the crackling sound :slight_smile:



Is the noise in your source audio and you’re only now hearing it for the first time because it is in a frequency now boosted to where it is newly audible to you. If it happens at exactly the same points in the audio each time you play the tracks, I would suspect the source material.


Its is definitely not the source. It appears mostly but not always at the the same points in time and now I know it is also at low volumes and I think at higher frequencies. My gues would be an amp Problem anywhere in the audio processing.


I’m having the exact same problem with 3.2 and Mimi. I’ve reinstalled, reset the mimi profile and still, same crackling. It’s usually very prominent when I pause music and have transparency on. Been troubleshooting with Bragi support. I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue, but maybe something got messed up with the 3.2 update. To be continued…