Listening to audiobooks with internal storage


Hey guys, I know I could listen an audio book using the internal storage, but is there any way to resume back to where I left off in the book? Or am I better off streaming it from my phone? Thanks!


I would love to find this out too. I just resorted to streaming them for the time being at least


Did you ever get a reply? I would love to use internal storage to listen to my audio book collection.


Hello @quentinthornton, @Dtitus6297 and @LenBoyer98.

Thanks for your feedback!

At the moment it’s unfortunately not possible to resume an Audiobook in The Internal Musicplayer, as it will play the whole audio file from the start when selected again.

We’re working on improving every day, and your feedback has been forwarded to the Development Team.

Make it a great day!


Last promise from Bragi - December. So now it’s May, that’s 5 months later - and no progress on audiobooks. AUDIBOOKS ARE STILL DYSFUNCTIONAL
(still returns to beginning of book with each visit)




This is a bigger problem for people who pirate books from torrent sites as the files are typically converted by concatenating hundreds of approximately 6 minute clips into a single file which makes finding where you left off very difficult.

This is far less a problem if you have the original shorter files split between the playlist folders. I track the time listening by activity time, as I have the phone player except in some activities, and determine which track I last heard to the end on the PC later. All files completely heard are removed from the playlist. The worst case scenario is that I might have to relisten to most of what typically is a 6 minute segment.

It’s a bit cumbersome but it works. I have a book reader on my phone now but had used a similar process with my phone before getting the audio reader. I often listened at bedtime and put a sleep timer on the player and the next day I would figure out which ones I heard before falling asleep and remove those from the phone.

Besides the timer feature, which might benefit Bragi users, I really like the reader feature that allows playback at higher speed without changing the pitch; no chipmunk speak. I mostly listen to most books at 130 to 140% of normal playback speed.

There is also free PC software available that splits long audio files. It can be set to split at pauses of minimum defined duration or fixed intervals. It can take a pirated file and split it into the original segments in short order making it reasonably functional with the Bragi MP3 player. The only remaining downside is that any of the library books I’ve ripped at 32 kb/s, adequate for spoken word, like most torrent site book data rates, suffer from squealing interruptions at random points in the plyback.

My further workaround has been to rip audio books at higher data rates. Alas, it require re-ripping many hundreds of cds to make my collection playable when I was misled to believe by Bragi promotional inducements that the Dash could playback MP3 files up to 320 kb/s which includes the lower rate.