LightGuide while charging


Hmm. I have had both the 44 and the 49 revision of The Headphone and have found that the lights do not blink consistently in the left Headphone while charging. The light in the left frequently drops out (whether charging or charged) and sometimes comes back. Has anyone else noticed? Flawless, otherwise.


This happens to mine as well. Appears they will both charge however. I’ve tried to drain them completely and recharge as recommended but no dice.

How do you find the revisons?


When I say “revision” I mean the number that shows up when pairing, e.g. “Bragi HP 49”. I reported this issue to support and they have passed the information onto the development team.


This also happens sometimes to my Headphone but when connecting to my iPhone after charging it says I have 100 percent charge so never worried about it.

One of my Anker wall chargers makes The Headphone light guide a steady light on both right and left pieces instead of disappearing after a full charge which is odd. Thought the lights were supposed to disappear completely on a full charge.


Huh, I thought (and have occasionally observed) that they were to remain fully lit when fully charged. Also, does anybody also affected not have another Dash or Headphone located nearby?


I bought The Headphone 2 weeks ago and found that left bug is not charging (LED is OFF, while the right one that is charging/blinking). I thought it is a contact issue and have tweaked the location within the charging case cavity but doesn’t help at all. The result of that is even the battery indicator on my phone showing some juice left but the left bug dies way early than the right one. Ignoring…


Have you tried to reach us via the live-chat support at, or at Our support team are ready to help you!

Kristian - Team Bragi