Left "The dash" is not charging tried everything


Bought my The dash 2years ago, and i have not been using them for about 1year now.

2days ago i connected and updated them, but the left one will not charge above 10%.

I am unable to find anything i have not tried yet, and i M out of ideas on how to resolve this problem now.

Anyone with the same problem?



Can you please provide a picture of your Charger? I would like to investigate whether The Golden Pins are dislocated :slight_smile:

Make it a great day,
Your Team Bragi


Have you had any luck ?
I’ve been stuck in this cycle for a few weeks now and sent pictures and video to support, however no resolution yet.
In the craddle my left side flashes blue occasionally, while the right side is charging, flashing green…
They never go into sync and only the right side is ever detected…

grrrr… starting to think I might need to buy something else…



Thanks for providing the material for the Support Team :slight_smile:

Can you please provide your Case ID to me in a direct message, so I can have a look at it?