Left Side original Dash has never worked


Hi everyone, received my brand new Bragi Dash yesterday and the left side won’t work. I updated to OS3.1.1 as suggested on the box. and the update procedure on my windows 10 64 laptop was at times unresponsive. Tried rapid, the left side won’t mount unless I pin the charger with the right side pod in. Also tried shipping mode and the pods breath out of syc…

Very frustrating, nothing on the forums suggests what the problem is, I need help! is the left pod DOA…?


Did The Dash announce that the update was successful? Does the Bragi app show both left and right at version 3.1.1? Also, what do you mean by unresponsive? The left Dash is very slow writing to the left file system, so that may be expected.

Ps. I had problems mounting the left filesystem without the right also being nested. I’m still not sure if that works or not.


Hello! Thanks for reaching out. Much appreciated, so we can help you solving this!

And thanks for the helpful inputs once again @Josh :slight_smile:

I would suggest you contacting out Tech Support team at support@bragi.com, as they’re ready to help you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Team Bragi - Kristian