Left side is not working when i updated to 3.1.0


After i updated my dash to 3.1.0. Left side has not connect to right side and my iphone. Also no sounds. But when i charge to the battery, it’s showing blue light with 0%charging!. I reset for many times, but it still not working. By the way, right side has no problem. What should i do?? Need help. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

Now right side got problem. the connection is failure when listen to music every times.


When I updated it failed and after that my left unit broke as well. It did not even show a blue light when sitting in the charger. I went back to the retailer and got a new pair.

Try to put them in shipping mode and see if that helps. You press the reset button longer. First it flashes red 3 times, then the units are reset, if you keep pressing and wait for one more red flash then they are in shipping mode. To re-activate you plug them into the computer.


thank you for your suggestion. :grinning:

but it still not working.


Any updates??
I have the same issue. I just bought and did the update and from that point, no sound on the left.


mine has the same issue


The update will fail and brick your device (corrupt the Dash Pro’s data) if you don’t ensure that both dashes are correctly seated on the charger before you push the update and that you ensure that both earbuds are breathing normally before you disconnect the cable or remove the earbuds. The right earbud pushes the update to the left and so it cannot be removed from the charger until the left has completed or you will corrupt the left earbud. If you abandon the update prematurely it will leave the left earbud (which is always the last of the two to complete the update) without any firmware in order to function so it ultimately breaks. The same applies with any device. I have seen this happen so many times because users don’t follow the update process correctly and are too hesitant to complete the update quickly. The update for The Dash series is more complicated than an average device like a phone so it’s a lot easier for users to mess it up and break their earbuds. Be careful when you’re updating that you are patient and follow the steps VERY carefully or you will be left with an unusable product. As I’m someone who has been flashing roms and had my fair share of products bricked because I didn’t flash the firmware properly, it has taught me to better appreciate the update procedure of Bragi and the importance of following the update instructions carefully. I don’t feel Bragi should cover this under warranty as it’s due to user error, of users not following the update process properly, rather than due to a faulty product.


I was aware of what could happen if I force the update process to quit, but as you can read in multiple topics the issue that many encountered was that the updater simply froze and stopped working/responding. Then it didn’t matter how perfectly the units were seated or how in sync they were flashing. As you can read some people had to quit the update over 10 times, reset the units, and try again. In this case I would still claim it’s Bragi’s fault because they pushed an update that in some way, when coupled with the updater software, was flawed which resulted in their updater stopped working. When doing an offline update, which I did with the new unit I picked up, it worked the first time without issue, just took a very very long time.


Thanks for the suggestion once again Chris!

@ChiLLon We’re sorry to hear that you have had some issues with the update. We’re currently working on getting this procedure simplified!

Remember to let us know if you’re having any issues, so our costumer support can help you at support@bragi.com