Left of The Headphone is not charging


I bought The Headphone 2 weeks ago and found that left bug is not charging (LED is OFF, not like the right one that is blinking). I thought it is a contact issue and have tweaked the location within the charging case cavity but doesn’t help at all. Anyone?


Contact customer service. There are a number of fixes.
They’ve been responsive to my similar issue.


Please reach us at support@bragi.com, or go to www.bragi.com where you can find the live chat! I will assure you that we can help you solving the issue :slight_smile:


Thanks. Contacted customer service and seem like they will get me a replacement. Ignoring… coz I am not on their country list. Can you please let me know where are the fixes?


Can you please provide your Case ID?

Then I can follow up personally :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


Hi Kristian, I guess you are referring to the serial number etched on the back of the case? It is 1000110342H. Thanks a lot.


@John, I’m referring to the ticket number from your e-mail conversations with our Support Team :slight_smile:
Can you find it?


#316095. If you can not provide replacement, then per LParkerlll mentioned what are the fixes available?