Left Headphone Battery won't hold charge


My left headphone batter will not hold a charge when in storage. I can fully charge my headphones, and once both show solid lights (full charge) I will unplug them and set aside. If I come back a few days later an go to use the headphones, my left ear bud will be dead. My right one will be at maybe 3/4 charge according to my iPhone’s Bluetooth battery icon.

If I use the headphones immediately after a full charge, they work perfectly and seem to have a long battery life. It is simply when the ear buds are off and in the case that they seem to still drain the batteries.

Yes, I am turning them off prior to putting inside the case and also am making sure they are in the case properly. I still keep the little foam insert that came with them to further ensure that they are in the case properly.

I’ve been in touch with Bragi Support (Vera), but the suggestions they gave did not solve my problem. Has anyone else had this problem?


Sorry to hear. Checking they are seated correctly and even using the form insert so you know they haven’t been shaken loose sounds like you’ve already covered the key points. Safe to assume you’ve also tried a soft reset in the cradle and an OS update Sabre?


I just started having this exact problem. For the last few days, I’ve had intermittent problems with the left Headphone. I thought it might be having trouble connecting to the right, but I suspect this is more likely the scenario for me too.

The left earbud wasn’t working on my way into work this morning, so when I got to work, I decided to recharge them again. They were listed at 80% power according to my iphone but I plugged them anyway. The right earbud was charged in less than 30 minutes. The left took over an hour to charge. Now that they’re fully charged, the left ear has sound again.


Can you please provide your Case ID so I can follow up on this?


Kristian - Team Bragi


Hi all, just wanted to chime in and say that I’m having the same problem.

I’ve logged a case with support and hope they can help.

There’s a lot of different suggestions on how to fix it, but I’ve tried them all and find that the only thing that works is to recharge the units.



We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some issues.

Let me know how it works out :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


I have the same issue.
Is it possible that when the headphones are in the case, that the left earpiece is “recharching” the right one and thus emptying the battery of it?



This should not be the case no. Have you contacted our Support Team at support@bragi.com yet? We even have a 24-hour livechat section at www.bragi.com!

We can help you Troubleshoot the device there :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


I have the same problem. Left batter won’t hold the charge after experiencing problems connecting for several days.


Have you been in contact with our Support Team yet? We have some Troubleshoot steps that we can perform together with you!