"Left handed Bragi HP"


Dear Bragi team
not sure if this is reasonable for your consideration.
With the newer generation of wrist gears reaching the market that spots in build music capability (Apple Watch, Gramin Fenix 5, 645 Music, 945 Music etc), there is a now quite a few of us out there running with just the watch and a set of headphone. It seems that the bluetooth connection between the host and the HP is to the right earbud, which isn’t ideal for runners, with 80% of us wearing the watch on our right wrist.
So is it within Bragi’s scope to build a HP with the left earbud being the receiving earbud?



Thanks for the constructive feedback!

It’s a good point - Do you think it would be more beneficial to make The Right Earbud as the master?

You’re mentioning 80% of runners is wearing the watch on the right wrist? It’s really intersting.

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:
Your Team Bragi