Left earbud will not charge or work suddenly after 1.5 years

For 1.5 years my Dash earbuds have been working great. Now the left earbud will not work. The pins are not missing or bent in the charging cradle. I place both in the cradle and the lights flash blue. Then the right one flashed red while charging. Left flashes blue once then nothing after that. I have tried reinstalling the updates. I can get the left earbud to flash blue quickly at time when attempting the update but the update always crashes and cannot finish. I have emailed the support team to the response of “crickets.”

Has anyone out there in this forum experienced the same or similar issue? Are there any fixes if you have?

Thanks in advance.

not for me Bill - i have noticed that sometimes I needed to make dang sure that my buds were charging - but other than that - no issues thus far (Bragi Dash Pro 1.4 years)

Same issue here…

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Have you been in contact with our Technical Support Team yet?

There’s some few troubleshooting steps we can perform in order to locate the issue :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi

Keeping those tiny batteries at peak charge voltage will likely kill them within a year. It is highly damaging to store a lithium battery at either full or zero charge. Unfortunately Bragi have failed to emphasize to users the need to leave them at 60% charge as much of the time as possible when you aren’t actually using them. If, and it’s a big if, the charger never charged them above 75% and they auto shut off with 25% remaining capacity, the life time might be extended to better than 3 years but you’d only get half a charge out of a battery per cycle. I wish Bragi had better documented their storage mode so I could have made better choices in taking care of the Dash. Does placing them in that mode reduce voltage to 65% charge or does it simply take off the float? I have had my original version Dash for just over a year and they continue to function well and I hope to get about 700 charges over 3 years from mine because I know that, in the absence of damage, the batteries will inevitably fail no matter what you do. With these waterproof sealed units, replacing batteries will require a nutcracker or saw unlike my waterproof heart rate chest straps.

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As many others I have experienced exactly the same issue with my left earbud.

I contacted customer service and they provided the same old resetting advise but after trying the reset multiple times its still not working or paired with the right earbud.

Given that this appears to be a frequent issue I requested a repaid or replacement but like yours mine was outside of the warranty period so they won’t do anything.

This is very disappointed since this product is supposedly premium and definitely expensive and I would have expected a more flexible customer service to satisfy its client base. Very disappointing!

Yeah, this isn’t the best news. Plus I read an article that Bragi is getting out of the wireless earbud business and focusing on their AI tech.

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I emailed them a month ago and still have not heard back…

Hi Bill,

Thanks for reaching out. We’re not out of the hearable business 100%, but rather providing our technology suite including software solutions for wearables etc.

I would kindly ask you to provide your case ID so I can follow up on the case - We’re answering within 24 hours normally, so I would really like to help you solve the issue.

Kristian - Team Bragi

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I emailed the technical support address directly. I do not have a support ticket. Is there an official support request link?

You can submit it here: https://support.bragi.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I would like to follow up on the case, can you please provide me your email then?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi

I have the exact same issue.

I have the exact same issue, but I also have an additional issue that they do not hold a charge longer than 1.5 hours even though they are fully charged.

I do believe the dash Pro has started to reduce in terms of their ability to hold charge too, maybe just under 3 hours now. That’s after 2 years though and I use them constantly. It’s to be expected I guess, batteries have life soans. :confused:


Have the same problem. Since it’s out of warranty tech support has no solution. I agree it’s very disappointing considering how much I paid for these things. Looking forward to purchasing a replacement not produced by this company.

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