Left ear won't work despite trying all fixes suggested here


I tried every suggestion here but my left ear won’t work. Please let me know what I have to do to reset everything. My lights do not behave like your Bragi list of commands say. They never blink in sync!


This is the same thing ive experienced and I’ve asked for assistance for over a year.


Im in the same boat carvalho… Very disappointing.

I even bought a second pair thinking, the new one will take to update without any issues. Nope. The dang 3.02 IS THE ISSUE.

And support is unable to resolve this problem.


Have you been in contact with the Support Team yet? I would like to see which suggestions that you’ve received! :slight_smile:

If you have a Case ID, please provide it in order for me to help solving the issue.



As mentioned to @carvalho, it would be really helpful if you could provide the Case ID from Customer Support in order for me to investigate the troubleshooting and helping you to solve this :slight_smile:




Please refer to the following tickets.

8/12/2018 - Request# 339761 with Dominic
8/30/2018 - Request# 345465 with Leda
9/5/2018 - Request# 24620936 with Karl then handed over to Leda

Thank you



I’ve just checked the case, and Leda have reached out in order to get some information from you.

Can you get back to her as soon as possible, so we can solve the issue? :slight_smile:



Can i get some help with this


Sure! Do you have any Case ID so I can help you solving it?

Make it a great day :slight_smile: