Left ear bud not working


Received for Christmas and still not able to hear out of the left ear despite the threads about the same isssue. Any help?


Have you tried to contact us at support@bragi.com? We’re more than happy to help :slight_smile:
Your Team Bragi


I have found that when I walk by or stand at a certain spot in the hallway neay my kitchen, any audio in the left Dash immediately ceases. As I move away from that spot, sound resumes playing normally. This is consistent and repeatable and I have observed it many dozens of times.

I assume there is some kind of isolated magnetic interference in that location. The only electrical/magnetic device near the drop out location is a dimmer switch used for some low voltage halogen lights on 3 transformers further away in the kitchen ceiling plus it involves an interface between aluminum house wiring and copper dimmer contacts that further complicates troubleshooting.

I imagine there are other places that may interfere with the inter-Dash communication over broader geographic locations. It may be worth trying them in other locations if you haven’t already.


This sounds very like the momentary drop out that occurs going through every set of automatically opening sliding doors in a shop actually. Walking into the supermaket or a store with scanners usually.does it.


Not working one side
Any give me contact ?
N how to chech warranty ?


Hello Rakesh,

Thanks for reaching out!

We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your device. We can help you solve this as well as check the warranty options if you’re reaching us at support@bragi.com! You can also send us a message at www.bragi.com as we’re having a 24-hours live-chat support :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


Very bad experience
Bought Bragi headphone on Amazon and try for first time and left earbuds not working

Spent the next few hours trying to fix it online and realised Amazon review of the product is super bad as majority of customer face the same issue of left earbuds not working

I do not understand why the company is selling defective products



Thanks for reaching out here!

Have you been in contact with our Support Team yet? We can troubleshoot together with you, in order to solve it :slight_smile: