Left Dash Update Issue


After trying multiple things including installing a Linux VM. I can finally get the left earbud to show up when I click on this PC in Windows 10. The problem I am having if I try to manually update the left earbud by copying the file to the left earbud there is not enough space on it to do so. I am short about 70KB. Even if I delete or move every file I can see it is maybe 4KB. The only way I know of fixing this is to format it, which will probably make things worse. When I try the Bragi Updater I make sure both earbuds show up as drives on the computer before starting. After telling it to reinstall it tells me to hit the reset pin for a couple seconds. After doing this it complains of a USB issue even though both show and I am able to copy, cut, etc files from them. Checking the update HTML file on the left DASH does say it is on 3.2. This all started with trying to update it and now they don’t come on when you stick them in your ears.



Thanks for reaching out! I would kindly ask you to provide your email in order for me to help you solving the issue :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi


I would rather not make my email public information, but would be okay with sending if the messages system allowed me to send private messages and allowed me to send them to you. Possibly you could give me your email?