Left dash; static


There is some static on the left dash pro (but not on the right) after upgrading to bragi OS 3.1
Has anyone else noticed this?
NFMI bug?
This didn’t happen before the upgrade…
This happens even if there nothing playing on my Android phone
This also happens when playing music on the standalone player but not when there is nothing playing.
The static is pretty annoying
Edit: If I press the play button (right dash single tap) the static disappears. So it thinks it’s playing something while in reality it isn’t
If it’s playing blank audio the left dash makes static while the right doesn’t

Maybe I could somehow downgrade and see if the problem disappears?
If it does it’s definitely the upgrade’s fault else there is something else going on

White noise in left ear piece

Any updates on this?



Thanks for your message!

We’re sorry to hear that you’re facing some issues with your Dash Pro after BOS 3.1.

I would kindly ask you to check the touch control settings in The Bragi App and see whether you have enabled Audio Transparency to activate while pausing a song, and turning off while starting it again. You can turn off both of the settings, and see if it helps you get rid of the static noise.

If you’re still experiencing some issues regarding the static noise, please send an email to support@bragi.com, so we can provide you with downgrade files until the issue is solved.

I’ll follow up on this case, please provide me with the Case ID once created!

Greetings from Munich,
Kristian & your Team Bragi


Having the same issue here. I tried to pause the music and turn on Audio Transparency and subsequently start the music then turn off Audit Transparency. However, it didn’t fix the issue.