Left Dash Pro is Dead

Hi guys, I went to a swim with my Dash Pro but they stopped functioning (not sensitive to touch and bluetooth connection anymore) afterwards. After a day, the right dash was able to function like normal but unfortunately the left ones still not able to. The left dash no longer plays anything in sync with the right and doesn’t respond to taps and swipes.

I tried placing in case to rectify itself and also tried resetting with 3s hold using a pin. So far nothing seems to fix my problem.

Does anybody else have this problem and found a fix?

I know I dropped my pro in a lake (including the charger) - they were non-functioning and it took about 3 days or so for everything to ‘dry out’ - and now they are working just fine.

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For my side, it has been 2 weeks+ since the swim, but nothing change to the left side… the right was operating good, able to play songs, connect with the phone/mac. The problem is just the left side, totally dead, only breath once when pressed in the charger.

the breaths are faster than the “normal” breaths of the dash