Left Dash Pro crackling/popping noise


Does anyone else have issues with the left Dash Pro suffering from crackling noises?

If I play the following audio I can reproduce the issue if I play using my iphone:

The right side has no issues and my airpods also have no issues.


Hey there,

Not come across this before, have you contacted our support team? Might need a software re-install.


I get the same thing. I’ve had the original kickstarter version and I’ve had it since day one. Also mine will stop responding randomly until I put them back in the charger for a second.


I have the same problem. Did the software re-install fix the issue? My Dash Pro is brand new by the way and this issue only happens on my right Dash.
And it’s seems that it also only happens with some songs…

Please let me know how to fix it


I just recently got the Dash Pro and mine had the same problem since day 1 in both the left and right although the left was way more frequent. It wasn’t very noticeable when listening to music except for quiet parts in songs but made it impossible to watch any shows.

I tried re-installing the software a couple of times using the app and manually, then returned them to get “fixed” and just got them back and they are still making the crackling noise.


Is Windshield or Audio Transparency enabled?


If not then you should probably contact support.


I’m having the same problem.

From last week, my right dash started to make crackling noise.

I’ve updated my Dash just now to the latest OS but this didn’t solve the problem.


I finally got around to testing both The (original, but not Kickstarter) Dash 52 and The Headphone 49 with this audio file and found that it played without any crackling or popping. (I was also using an iPhone (6).) In the case of The Dash, I also tested with both AudioTransparency and Windshield and still noticed no problems. You should definitely contact support. Let us know what happens!


Hi Dean

I am the consumer from Taiwan. I have encounter the same problem with mcheng89.
I have reinstall the software to the newest version twice.
Is this problem has any solution now?


Same problem here. Crackling/popping in the left ear with an occasional complete drop out. Pretty frustrating considering the price of the headset.