Left Dash not playing music


First off I just want to say to Bragi that I love the Dash and have supported you guys since 2014. That said, after the update I experienced issues with the left Dash. The audio transparency continues to work; you can toggle this setting through the left Dash but you can’t hear the voice confirmation. The breathing on the left Dash also works, it’s only until I start playing music (via internal music player or phone).

It seems to work 1/5 times I place them in my ears and that’s with connection buffers. I would say I use both the internal music player and BT connection fairly often. Although unlike most, I transfer my music (.mp3) via my phone with an OTG cable. I use the Galaxy S7 (Verizon) and when I transferred music for the first time to my Dash on 2.2 my phone added 2 folders automatically called Android and LOST.DIR. However, I continued to experience an awesome connection on 2.2. On 3.0.1 I though these 2 folders were causing some sort of interference so I deleted them. Afterwards, I still had NFMI problems. I’ve always transferred my new music through my phone and plan to do so in the future. Bragi please offer any possible solution to fix this. I respect that it takes time for you guys to send out updates but maybe you guys could send out a minor update to fix connection issues? Any other possible fixes from the Bragi community would also be much appreciated!

So after trying to fix this weak connection between the left and right Dash I found out that by toggling the Virtual 4D Menu off, the connection returned to being reliable. I no longer had to burrow the Dash deep into my ear, though I really do like using the 4D Menu so until this macro doesn’t interfere with the NFMI connection I’ll keep it turned off.

Thanks Bragi,